Friday, April 13, 2018

Abbott's Higher Ed Mendacity, Senate's Passivity, Produce Predictably Poisonous Fruits....

"Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them."
Matthew 7:20

Did you know that, two days ago, a group of leftist students took over a building at a public university in Texas?!?  Neither did we.  But apparently it started on Wednesday at Texas State.

According to Texas State sources, the alleged transgression stems from the refusal of several incumbent members of the student government  refusing to participate in a Nicholai Yezhov style inquisition designed to grease the skids for their impeachment.

KVUE has details:

At issue were two allegedly "racist" posts the outgoing student body president made on Instagram.  The social media posts gave the usual left-wing suspects a pretext to pursue the president's impeachment.  The impeachment drive was political retaliation for outgoing president's support for basic sanity during an incident last fall.

Unfortunately for the "woke" crowd at Texas State, the president survived the impeachment attempt.  But who needs the rule of law when the bureaucrats are on your side?!?  That's where Dean of Students Margarita Arellano [Note: Making $169,576] enters the picture.

Despite the dismissal of the impeachment attempt, Arellano unilaterally overruled the proscribed authorities.  Out of thin air, Arellano invented a justification for the impeachment to continue.  The show trial was scheduled for this past Wednesday.

On Wednesday, several members of the Texas State student government refused to dignify the inquisition.  By refusing to show up, they denied the event a quorum.  The impeachment failed.

Following the failure of the impeachment, the building takeover began; you can follow events in real time on Twitter here.


There's a lot we can say, but it boils down to this: WHERE THE HELL IS THE BOARD OF REGENTS?!?

You have a Dean at a Public University (making $169k) lawlessly inventing standards for student governance.  You then have lawless trespassing on public property.  Yet the senior leadership of the afore mentioned PUBLIC university appeases the mob.

At this point, it's time for the Board of Regents to step in and restore sanity.

Also, wouldn't it be nice if the Governor who appoints the Board of Regents would weigh in?!?


Wouldn't it also be nice if the Texas Senate would stop passively rubber-stamping University Regent nominations?!?


Bottom Line: Imagine a world in which the allegedly "conservative" Governor of an allegedly "conservative" state actually held his appointees to public university Boards accountable for situations like the ongoing mess in San Marcos....

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