Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Rick Perry?!? Crony Capitalism?!? Surely you jest....

"It is an abomination to kings to commit wickedness: for the throne is stablished by justice."
Proverbs 16:12

As someone who watched both the good and the bad of Rick Perry up close for many years, this is one of the least surprising stories of all time:
WASHINGTON (AP) — At a West Virginia rally on tax cuts, President Donald Trump veered off on a subject that likely puzzled most of his audience.

“Nine of your people just came up to me outside. ‘Could you talk about 202?'” he said. “We’ll be looking at that 202. You know what a 202 is? We’re trying.”

One person who undoubtedly knew what Trump was talking about last month was Jeff Miller, an energy lobbyist with whom the president had dined the night before. Miller had been hired by FirstEnergy Solutions, a bankrupt power company that relies on coal and nuclear energy to produce electricity. His assignment: push the Trump administration to use a so-called 202 order — named for a provision of the Federal Power Act — to secure a bailout worth billions of dollars.


Miller is among them. A well-connected GOP fundraiser, he served in the past as an adviser to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and to Texas Gov. Rick Perry, also a close friend. He ran Perry’s unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2016. And when Trump tapped Perry to lead the Energy Department, Miller shepherded his friend through confirmation, sitting behind him, next to the nominee’s wife, at the Senate hearing.

When Perry came to Washington, Miller did, too. He launched his firm, Miller Strategies, early last year and began lobbying his friend and other Washington officials.


Obst says the two began working closely together when Perry and Pence held leadership roles at the Republican Governors Association several years ago. “He’s very influential in Washington, a leading fundraiser,” Obst said of Miller in a brief interview.

Now, after 14 months in business, the 43-year-old has collected more than $3.2 million from a roster of clients that includes several of the nation’s largest energy companies, among them Southern Co., a nuclear power plant operator headquartered in Atlanta, and Texas-based Valero Energy, according to federal filings.
In fairness to Perry, no final decision has been made.  If this article can embarrass Perry into doing the right thing, so much the better.  But the fact that the process has even gotten this far is revealing.

Then there's the fact that this is such a typical Rick Perry move.  This is the Rick Perry of the Trans-Texas Corridor.  This is the Rick Perry of the HPV vaccine mandate.

Bottom Line: We like Rick.  But sometimes he acts like a typical Texas politician.  This is one.

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