Friday, January 4, 2019

Houston ISD **NIGHTMARE** is an Opportunity (if GOP follows through)

"It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones."
Luke 17:2

Confession: Prior to a week ago, we hadn't been aware of the ongoing dispute between Houston ISD and the State of Texas.

Then, last week, the outgoing Republican Harris County Treasurer posted:

Followed by Governor Abbott:

The Trib has context:

In a scathing tweet Thursday, Gov. Greg Abbott slammed Houston Independent School District leaders for "self-centered ineptitude" and rallied for the state to take over the district's school board.


In 2015, Texas passed a strict law that allowed the state to impose sanctions on school districts with schools that consistently failed to meet state academic standards. Now, Houston ISD must boost the performance of four of its chronically low-performing schools in 2019, or it will be taken over by the state or be forced to shut down those schools.

Abbott's tweet was responding to a Wednesday Houston Chronicle opinion piece written by a contingent of local community members. The article argued that the district should get lawmakers to repeal that law and sue the state's education agency if the Legislature refuses.
Yikes.  This is a tragedy for Houston families.  But, in that tragedy, there's also opportunity for the GOP.

This Houston ISD debacle is a textbook example of how big government fails.   A taxpayer funded organization that pays bureaucrats $300k (+) can't provide students with an acceptable education.  The narrative writes itself.

It's not a secret that the GOP needs to improve in both urban areas and minority communities; Houston ISD is a great place to start.

The good news: Between the former county treasurer and the sitting Governor, it looks like GOP elected officials are on top of this one.  Likewise Paul Bettencourt.  It's a strong start.

Our concern: This isn't the 'sexiest' issue.  It's not likely to generate appearances on Fox News.  Thus, we worry about the follow through.

But you've gotta start somewhere.

Bottom Line: There are few failures of big government more blatant than urban school districts.  Children being maleducated deserve an alternative to the entitled, spendaholic, bureaucracy.  Governor Abbott has gotten that ball rolling.  If they're smart, the GOP will keep it rolling.

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