Monday, April 9, 2012

Why Obama Just Can't Win -- Pennsylvania

I've been saying for some time that, based on how he has alienated specific groups in traditional swing states, Barack Obama simply cannot get to 270 electoral votes.  This past weekend, the Wall St Journal examined the swing states, and in so doing revealed the lameness of the conventional wisdom with which most people view this election.

Going through each of the swing states would be too time consuming, so I'm going to limit my analysis to what they say about Pennsylvania:
His [Obama's] campaign strategy in Mr. Biden's home state is threefold: In Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania, emphasize manufacturing.  In the Philadelphia suburbs, hit social issues.  Elsewhere, argue that the administration's policies are more fair to the middle class.
 Let me translate for those of you who don't speak bull-crap: when Obama talks about 'manufacturing' it's code for green energy.  When Obama talks about "fair to the middle class" it's code for food stamps. I'll save the discussion of 'social issues' for another day.

This means that, in the Western two-thirds of Pennsylvania, Barack Obama is going to run for re-election based on Windmills, Solar Panels, and Food Stamps; can someone say Solyndra?!?

Contrast Obama's message of Hippie power and welfare against a Republican argument that will be based around traditional energy development that will simultaneously lower gas prices AND increase employment.

Oil and Gas vs. Solar Panels and Welfare.

It's that simple.

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