Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jeff Wentworth's Obsession with a TERRIBLE Idea

In researching my open letter to Ted Cruz, I came across an aspect of Sen. Jeff Wentworth's record about which I had forgotten.  Jeff Wentworth has a longstanding history of supporting 'non-partisan' redistricting.  This issue deserves greater scrutiny, because 'non-partisan' redistricting is one of the worst ideas of all time.

'Non-Partisan' redistricting is Progressivism 101.  'Non-partisan' is a euphemism for usurping the duly-elected representatives of Texas with unelected bureaucrats.  'Non-partisan' redistricting removes voter accountability from the redistricting process.

Senator Jeff Wentworth claims 'non-partisan' redistricting will keep Washington D.C. out of the Texas redistricting process.  Hogwash.  The Federal Government interferes in Texas' redistricting process because the Voting Rights Act grants the Federal Government that authority.  The solution to Federal interference in Texas elections is to repeal the Voting Rights Act at the Federal level, NOT to usurp voter accountability at the state level.

People have whined about the process by which legislative districts are drawn since the founding of the Republic.  Elbridge Gerry, for whom the word Gerrymandering is named, attended the Constitutional Convention.  Somehow, we've survived.

'Non-partisan' redistricting is a terrible idea that replaces voter accountability with unelected bureaucrats.  California just established a 'non-partisan' redistricting commission, and the public-sector unions predictably stacked the board.  Then again, that Sen. Jeff Wentworth wants to import bad ideas from California to Texas tells you everything you need to know about Sen. Jeff Wentworth in the first place.

SD-25: An Open Letter to Ted Cruz

Dear Ted,

Congratulations on Tuesday.  Forcing a sitting Lieutenant Governor, with unlimited resources and the constitutional powers of the Lieutenant Governor's office behind him, into a run-off is a tremendous accomplishment.  Given your current momentum and new-found name recognition, an opportunity exists and I hope you will maximize it by endorsing Dr. Donna Campbell for the Texas Senate.

Throughout this campaign, you have repeatedly explained how Texas "is ground zero in the battle between the moderate establishment and the conservative Tea Party tidal wave that is sweeping this country."  The truth, however, is that that battle continues down the ballot from your race.  Dr. Donna Campbell is a phenomenal conservative who will shake-up Austin the same way we expect you to shake up Washington D.C.

Given the fact that your opponent is the sitting Lieutenant Governor, and given the authority the Texas Constitution grants the Lieutenant Governor over the Texas Senate, you're familiar with how disappointing the Texas Senate has been over the past decade.  Unfortunately, ten-term incumbent Sen. Jeff Wentworth, has been a big part of the problem in the Texas Senate.  Sen. Jeff Wentworth, the most far-left Republican in the Texas Senate, has marched lock-step with David Dewhurst for a decade.

Dr. Donna Campbell is running to represent the people of Texas, not David Dewhurst's cronies.  Over the past six months, you've done an admirable job making David Dewhurst miserable by representing the people of Texas.  I ask you to help Dr. Donna Campbell continue this Ted Cruz tradition next year in the Texas Senate.

You say that you're a fighter, you say you want to lead; here's your first opportunity to match your words with action....

Adam Cahn
Austin, TX
May 31, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ron Paul's Pathetic Twelve Percent

"if your organization is small in numbers, then do what Gideon did: conceal the members in the dark but raise a din and clamor that will make the listener believe that your organization numbers many more than it does."

- Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals, p.126

The Ron Paul crowd had an opportunity to make a statement last night; they delivered less than 12%.

This is HUGE.  Yesterday's Texas Primary was the perfect storm (I apologize for the cliche, but it's appropriate) for the Ron Paul crowd.  The Presidential race was over.  There was a competitive U.S. Senate race, where Rick Santorum and Ron Paul endorsed the same candidate, which lowered the temperature between conservatives and Ron Paul types.  I actually have conservative friends who voted for Ron Paul as an anti-Romney protest vote.

For all those advantages; the Ron Paul crowd delivered less than 12%

What does this mean?!?

It means that the Ron Paul crowd is a minority, and not a particularly large one at that.  Now look, I want to audit the Fed.  I'm growing increasingly comfortable with currency competition.  The Ron Paul crowd is excellent on Second Amendment issues.

If the Ron Paul crowd wants to have an impact, then they need to come to terms with their minority status.  Then they need to grow up.  Ayn Rand makes some excellent points on economics, but her overall philosophy is terrifying as a basis for society.

I won't hold my breath.

Texas Primary Election Quick Takes

Last night, we (finally!) had the Texas Primary election.  These are my quick takes:

  • The Utter Collapse of Texas Democrats -- In 2008, 168,669 people voted in the Democrat Party primary in Travis County.  In 2012, it was down to 42,399.  Last night, the local Fox station had the numbers for the top 15 counties in Texas.  I can't find the stats online, but it's even worse than in Travis County.  Now, obviously, the Dems had a big Presidential Primary in 2008, but lack of a Presidential Primary doesn't explain this.  Ouch, just ouch.
  • Ron Paul only won 12% -- Pathetic.  More on this shortly. Stay tuned
  • Mitt Romney won 69% -- Considering that the primary is over, I'm surprised there weren't more protest votes.  Republicans are unified behind Mitt.
  • Ken Mercer's Big Win -- Ken Mercer, of the Texas Board of Education, has been a champion for those of us who sought to Restore God, Teach Accurate History, and offer alternatives to Darwinism in Texas Schools.  For that, he's come under unceasing attacks from the left.  Last night, he won his primary with 70%.
While the national media is, naturally, focusing on the Ted Cruz race; last night was a step in the right direction, albeit a modest one.  It's not the knockout blow against the establishment I'd hoped it would be; but it's good enough.  We've proven our ability to impact Texas House races.  When Donna Campbell wins, we'll re-shape the Texas senate.  In 2014, we need to start winning U.S. House races.  That being said, we've got a good crop of people heading to Austin next year and, assuming Ted wins the run-off, we're sending an awesome new Senator to Washington.

In 2013, we'll be watching....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chris Hayes Shouldn't Have Apologized

This weekend, Chris Hayes let slip a classic Kinsely gaffe on MSNBC:

I know other conservatives disagree, but I say good for Chris Hayes.  Usually, liberals try to hide what they really think; Chris Hayes didn't.  For being honest, Chris Hayes is the anti-Obama.

Conservatives should be happy anytime the Left reveals the truth about itself.  Most liberals agree with Bill Ayres, they're just not willing to say so openly.  Liberalism is, by definition, anti-biblical, anti-capitalist, and anti-military.  When honestly presented, liberalism repels decent God-fearing Americans.

Chris Hayes is on record opposing The Bible.  Chris Hayes is on record Opposing Free Enterprise.  Why is anyone surprised that he also opposes our troops?!?  Nothing is more infuriating than listening to liberals pretend to care about our troops.  If Chris Hayes believes that the United States military is populated by baby-killing, inbred, Christian zealots then he should say so.

Hating Breitbart: RightOnline Sneak Preview

OK, I'm not gonna lie, this looks AMAZING:

Friday, May 25, 2012

Ted Cruz or Corey Feldman?!?

Can you tell the difference between Texas U.S. Senate Candidate Ted Cruz and 80's star Corey Feldmann?!?



Answer: Feldman 1,3,5; Cruz 2,4,6,7

The Utter Collapse of Texas Democrats: On Steve Mostyn and the Federalists circa 1815

For about two years, I've heard rumors around Austin that Texas Democrats are on the verge of long-term catastrophic collapse.  While there are many reasons for this situation, the Obama administration's total, probably criminal, and potentially treasonous failure to secure our border is the primary reason.  I've briefly addressed this before, and occasionally a new piece of evidence pops up that needs to be acknowledged.

Yesterday, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility published a blog post that contained the following gem:
For at least a decade, Texas trial lawyers have underwritten the activities of the liberal, grow-government crowd. With the influence of the Democratic Party waning even further, the trial lawyers are moving their dollars into key GOP contests around the state.
The blog then goes on catalog several Republican state legislative primaries in which Steve Mostyn has involved himself.  For those of you unaware, Steve Mostyn is the George Soros of Texas.  Much like Soros, Steve Mostyn's ultimate goal is to enact a radical leftist agenda, NOT the Democrat Party.  That Mostyn is astroturfing in Republican primaries instead of attempting to elect Democrats in the General reveals A LOT.

What really struck me, however, was the similarity between what's happening to Texas Democrats right now and what happened to the original Federalist Party during James Madison's second term.  As Larry Schweikart explains in A Patriot's History of the United States:
Politically, the Federalist Party died, its last stalwarts slinking into the Republican opposition and forming a viable new National Republican caucus....In this way they were able to continue to expound Hamilton's program of tariffs, banks, and subsidized industrialism, but do so in a new democratic rhetoric that appealed to the common man. (177)
This is important because I think it foreshadows a technique we're going to see a lot more of in future election cycles.  Democrats are going to be wiped out in 2012.  Once that happens,  I expect to see attempts by the radical left and big business rent-seekers to infiltrate our side.  As long as we're prepared, they won't succeed, but we have to be prepared for this tactic because it's an obvious move for them.

I strongly suspect we're going to see astroturf groups with Conservative sounding names spring up after the election and before the 2013 Legislative Session.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Glenn Beck Follow Up: On Team Obama

"Always remember the first rule of power tactics: Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have."  Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals, p. 127

In case you missed it, I had the opportunity this morning for an extended tete-a-tete with Glenn Beck.  It was pretty awesome.  Glenn had me on the air for close to ten minutes and I want to thank God for the opportunity.

We discussed my belief that Barack Obama's political team is wildly overrated, which I want to address more systematically.  In fairness, Barack Obama's political team skillfully uses Alinsky's first rule to psych out their opponents.  In 2008, Team Obama's biggest accomplishment in was to psych out Team Clinton, then they got really lucky in the fact that John McCain was his opponent in the General.  For all of Team Obama's alleged skill, they barely got the nomination and they only won the General Election following a foreign terrorist attack on U.S. Financial Markets.

Barack Obama's victory had little to do with the alleged skill of his political team although, to their credit, they did read the rules and organize the caucus states.  Beyond the caucus states, however, Obama's success was due to the corrupt media, not his political team.  For example, Obama's 2008 speech on race was a bigger cliche than any Toni Morrison novel, but since most people don't watch full speeches they got absurd media spin.

Media corruption not sufficient to re-elect an incumbent President with Obama's record.  Campaigns need a message, Barack Obama doesn't have a credible one.  In 2008, Barack Obama was 'the Other Guy;' in 2012, he's the incumbent.  By any statistical measure, the United States is in worse shape than January 2009; no amount of political gimmickry will change that underlying fact.  Hope and Change don't pay the bills.

One thing that has changed since 2008 is that our side has gotten much better at interrupting leftist narratives.  We can't yet set the narrative, but we can interrupt theirs.  Personally, I think we're (FINALLY!!!) hitting the point where distrust of the media has hit critical mass; once people stop listening to the corrupt media, the wildly overrated Team Obama can't do squat.

Glenn raised the point of Obama's legislative 'successes' and how far Barack Obama has gotten.  As I've discussed before, Barack Obama is a Marxist true believer.  In addition, you have 80 open Communists in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Once you have a Marxist true believer occupying (pun intended) the White House at the same time as you have this many open Communists in Congress, it's not surprising that they would so ruthlessly exploit a temporary numerical advantage.  That being said, Team Obama now resembles a gambler who keeps going double or nothing.  They can keep the scam up for awhile, but eventually they're going to crash HARD!

Stu brought up the point of Obama's poll numbers.  I mentioned that I don't believe the polls, I think Obama's in much deeper trouble than anyone realizes.  I could address this issue at length, but Rush did that years ago.  Suffice to say that Mike Flynn has done yeoman's work debunking Obama's recent polling and Stu should read Mike Flynn's work.  Unfortunately, Pat and Stu can't read....

In the past, we've underestimated the intent and overestimated the competence of Team Obama; we should do the opposite.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Texas Association of Businesses Astonishingly Weak Attack on Matt Beebe

This flabbergastingly dishonest advertisement has been airing on WOAI in San Antonio for the past few days.  It contains the following gem:
Matt Beebe hasn't voted in 6 out of the last 8 Republican Primaries
So what?!?   Primary elections are every two years.  That mean this count goes back to 1996 (16 years).  Texas has only had one competitive Republican Primary in that time.

This means Matt Beebe didn't vote in a bunch of elections that weren't competitive at the top of the ticket.  Lots of people are guilty of that sin, especially prior to 2010.  The fact that Matt Beebe has gone from complacency to mounting a credible primary challenge against the incumbent Speaker of the Texas House is a good thing.

Of course, when the candidate you're supporting has a documented history of supporting higher taxes, supporting Casino Gambling, and using Barack Obama's rhetoric you can't do much else.

EXCLUSIVE: Governor Rick Perry on Facebook's Collapsing Stock Price!!!

Governor Rick Perry released the following statement exclusively to Cahnman's Musings:

Monday, May 21, 2012

Why We Need to Dismantle the Agriculture Department

Today, in discussing this story, Rush made the following point:
But I'm gonna tell you what's gonna happen. This is as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning and setting in the evening. All these organic food people are eventually going to become conservatives, because what's happening now is the government is figuring out that these organic food places exist, and that they're outside the regulatory process, and they're outside the tax- and-fee structure. And that can't stand. So what's gonna happen is the cities where these people operate and the state they operate, and the Feds are gonna get involved they're gonna start regulating this stuff eventually. They're gonna regulate what your free range chicken is given to eat.
Rush got me thinking about Agriculture Policy, and the basic existence of a U.S. Government Department of Agriculture scares me. There are lots of economic arguments against subsidizing agriculture (starting with the fact that's it a corporate welfare boondoggle), but the core issue is who controls land and the production of food.

Whenever Communists come to power, they seize control of land and food production.  Stalin did it.  Mao did it.  Fidel Castro did it.  Obviously, the U.S. Government hasn't (yet) seized farmland; but the infrastructure is there.  At this point, I've read enough Marxism, and seen enough things I thought impossible actually happen, that I can't put ANYTHING past this government.  After this government's assault on Chrysler do you really trust them with land and food?!?

As I've discussed before, Obama (and the New Left's) goal was "a long march through the institutions."  A federal Agriculture Department that controls food and land is a tool they can use in that march.  The 2010 Shirley Sherrod scandal proved that the Agriculture Department is already populated with Communists.  Whether or not some of the conspiracy theories are true, the fact that a U.S. Government Agriculture Department exists in the first place threatens every landowner in the country.  Given everything we've learned about Marxism via stealth, we need to dismantle the tools they can use in the future.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture: End it, don't Mend it.

On Facebook's Collapsing Stock Price

Cahnman's Musings issues the following statement on Facebook's collapsing stock price:

Friday, May 18, 2012

On The Book of Revelation and Obama's Birth Certificate....

This morning, I set out to do a piece on how Barack Obama's collapsing poll numbers undermine the case that Barack Obama is the Antichrist; having reviewed the relevant scripture I'm not comfortable making that assertion.  I did, however, realize one thing.  If Barack Obama is the Antichrist, then he cannot have been born in Kenya.

Revelation 13:1 (KJV) states that the Antichrist shall "rise up out of the sea."  While Kenya does have a coastline,Obama's ancestral homeland is in the Kenyan Mountains.  For Barack Obama to qualify as the Antichrist, he needs to rise up out of the sea; that means Hawaii.

I don't pretend to know God's plan, I've read Matthew 24, and I have no idea if Barack Obama is the Antichrist (although, if he is, we'll find out in late-July).  The Book of Revelation, however, is quite clear that the Antichrist will not emerge from the mountains of Kenya.  Barack Obama can either be the Antichrist, or he be born in Kenya; he can't be both.

I think there's a stronger case for the former....:)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Perils of Sexual Self-Identification

The recent flare-up of the homosexual 'marriage' debate, following on the heels of the phony 'War on Women,' brings into the political sphere something that bothers me about our culture.  Far too many of us elevate our sex life into the core of our being; whether you call yourself a homosexual, a slut feminist, or a pick-up artist, the effect is the same.  It's VERY dangerous; sex is NOT supposed to be the core of who you are as a person.

Once sex becomes your primary area of self-identification, you've already lost; a good sex life is the byproduct of a good life in general.  Even in our screwed-up culture, people notorious for their sexual antics are known primarily for their accomplishments in other areas: Tiger Woods is an athlete, Motley Crue are rock stars, heck Genghis Khan conquered half the World.

When you pursue the physical act as an end in itself, bad things happen.  I've said it before, I'll say it again: The Summer of Love (which wasn't all it was cracked up to be), and Woodstock (that either) is ALWAYS followed by the Manson Murders, Altamont, and Kent State.

At the beginning of his Evil Empire speech in 1983, Ronald Reagan asked:
Are we to believe that something so sacred can be looked upon as a purely physical thing with no potential for emotional and psychological harm?
While sex can be a fun, naughty, or taboo topic of conversation, people who talk about nothing but sex are just as tiresome as any other one trick pony.  I've never met a Christian who talks about Jesus as much as some so-called feminists talk about their vagina's.  Too put it in terms that even a three year old (or those of you in Rio Linda) can understand, ding-dongs and hoo-hoos are only one component of the human existence.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why Marriage Matters

Since Obama's homosexual 'marriage' interview last week, there have been far too many people on our side who view the issue as a distraction from the economy.  They fail to understand that there are deeper forces at play.  Homosexual 'marriage' has nothing to do with homosexuality; it's a Trojan Horse for the left's final assault on the Church.

It troubles me the how many members of the Tea Party fail to appreciate the assault on the Church embedded in the Homosexual 'marriage' debate.  You already have people advocating to force Churches to perform homosexual 'weddings' in the United Kingdom.  Why, in the U.S., anybody would want to hand a weapon like homosexual 'marriage' to a government that is already forcing Churches to subsidize abortion baffles me.  Once homosexual 'marriage' is the law of the land, does anyone doubt that government censorship of the pulpit will shortly follow?!?

Giving the government this sort of a weapon to use against Churches is insane, just insane.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Texas CD-21 and HD-121, a call for Republican Primary Debates: An Open Letter to Joe Pags

Dear Sir,

I called your radio show yesterday, we spoke briefly during the six o'clock hour before WOAI dropped my call; this letter contains my sentiments.

Last week's U.S. Senate result in Indiana proves the righteous power of the Conservative grassroots.  Since the Indiana result, attention has naturally shifted to the U.S. Senate race in Texas.  That's awesome, Ted Cruz is a once in a generation Superstar who deserves our support.

In addition to Ted Cruz's race, two other races in WOAI's broadcast range will be crucial to the future of our nation and our state.  In CD-21, Congressman Lamar Smith is a 25 year Washington insider with a long history of questionable votes.  In addition, as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Congressman Lamar Smith hasn't done squat to address the Muslim Brotherhood's treasonous infiltration of the United States government.  In HD-121, Texas House Speaker Joe Straus is an all purpose slime-ball who supports higher taxes, casino gambling, and opposes Governor Perry's Texas Budget Compact.

Both CD-21 and HD-121 are contested primaries on the Republican side; the incumbents are opposed by Sheriff Richard Mack and Matt Beebe respectively.  Having met the challengers, I believe they're just as exciting as Ted Cruz.  Even if I'm wrong, at least Sheriff Richard Mack and Matt Beebe are pledged to ending bailouts and cutting spending.

A world without vigorous Republican primaries is a world where the President of the United States eats dog and Kim Kardashian has multiple television shows.  That is where you come in, Joe Pags.  Both Congressman Lamar Smith and Speaker Joe 'Slimball' Straus are avoiding primary debates.  As the Rush Limbaugh of San Antonio you, Joe Pags, are in a unique position to obstruct their plans.  You have a well-deserved reputation for being both tough and fair, thus the incumbents cannot dodge you without revealing the truth about themselves.

The call, Joe Pags, is from Jesus.  He needs you to be Obi Wan Kenobe.  Will you accept?!?

The Republican Primary voters of Texas CD-21 and HD-121 deserve their respective debates.

Help us Joe Pags; you're our only hope.

Adam Cahn
Austin, TX
May, 12 2012.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Congressman Lamar Smith's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Record

Here in Texas, everyone is focused on Ted Cruz and the U.S. Senate race.  That's awesome; the U.S. Senate race is very important and Ted is a once in a generation candidate.  There is, however, another race at the Federal level here in Texas that can have just as big an impact as sending Ted to the United States Senate.

Congressman Lamar Smith, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is one of the worst Republicans in Congress.  He plays the game where he works to pass atrocious legislation while he's in Washington then comes home and panders to what we want to hear.

Consider Congressman Lamar Smith's record:
I could go on, but I think you get the picture.  25 years in Congress is long enough.  Congressman Lamar Smith: it's time to go.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Awesome Union Joke!!!

So a leftist pervert walks into a whorehouse and asks the Madame, "how much do you pay the girls."

The Madame responds: "We keep 75% and the girl gets 25%."

The Leftist perv moves on to the next whorehouse and asks the madame the same question.  Same Answer.

Finally, the Leftist perv arrives at the third whorehouse and asks the Madame the same question.  The Madame responds: "well, this is a Unionized whorehouse, so we keep 25% and give 75% to the girl."

The leftist perv replies: "Perfect, I'll take that 13 year old girl!"

The Madame then points to another, 85 year old woman, and says: "Actually, she has seniority, so you'll take her."

Hat Tip: Ami Horowitz

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On Richard Lugar and Psalm 146

"Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help." Psalm 146:3

"If I were the Devil....the old, I would teach to pray. I would teach them to say after me: 'Our Father, which art in Washington' . . ." Paul Harvey, 1965

"Heaven help us, because Mourdock (*) won't." Political Ad, Republican Primary, U.S. Senate -- Indiana

* Richard Mourdock is the Tea Party challenger to 36-year Republican Incumbent Richard Lugar

It's rare that an example of the misplaced priorities of our political class is this clear.  In the political ad shown above, a frightened elderly lady worries that she'll have to turn to God in the event that changes come to Social Security.  Senator Lugar, the sponsor of the ad, fails to understand that that's EXACTLY THE POINT!!!

In the movie Monumental, Kirk Cameron makes the point that we need leaders with a strong Judeo-Christian foundation; this ad is a textbook example of why.  We're SUPPOSED to put our faith in God NOT Washington D.C. What Senator Lugar fails to understand is that substituting Washington D.C. for God is the reason we're broke in the first place.

If you denigrate prayer and elevate Washington D.C., you don't belong in the United States Senate in the first place.  I'll address this notion of substituting Washington D.C. for God in much more detail soon, but, for now, I just want to point out that the guy who came up with that idea has a hockey team in New Jersey....

Friday, May 4, 2012

On Dan Savage and Marxist Sexual Values

By now, you've probably heard about Dan Savage's recent factually incorrect and bigoted attack on the Bible.  Savage has been at this game for years, but he's stepped it up lately.

My first reaction to the controversy is that it's a sad example of a miserable attack from a miserable man.  While the story got on my nerves, I was planning on letting the controversy pass without comment.  People like Dan Savage are not worth getting angry over; we must, however, understand his perspective because he's using sex as a smokescreen to advance Marxism via stealth.

If you are a parent, you have to know who Dan Savage is; people like Dan Savage are teaching the next generation about Sex.  Dan Savage has the ear of the President.  Dan Savage wants to talk to your kids about sex, and he's willing to go behind your back to do so.

Dan Savage has been writing a weekly sex column for over a decade.  His writing shatters all standards of decency. The first time you read Dan Savage's column, it's kinda risque.  The second time it's 'interesting.'  The third time, it's gross.  If you read past the third time, you risk losing your soul.  I say this as someone who almost lost their soul two years ago at a time when I read Dan Savage's column religiously (pun intended).

Dan Savage envisions a society where every form of perversion is accepted, as long as you use a condom.    I met Dan Savage once, in late 2005 or early 2006, at an event in New York City.  If you've ever read his column or seen him on TV, he's exactly the same in real life.  What struck me about meeting him face to face, however, was the angry tension with which he carries himself; Dan Savage is the homosexual Bill Maher.  Columnist Maggie Gallagher is correct when she states:
Savage has a clear vision for America: It will be a place where, in order to remain respectable citizens, Christians (and others with traditional moral views) will simply have to drop not only Leviticus, but Genesis, and oh by the way, Jesus' own words in Matthew 19.
Christian moral understanding of sex, gender and marriage will simply have to change, Savage asserts. Why? Because he and others say so. To do otherwise is to be mean to him and other gay people. Our very existence, our identity as both good Christians and good citizens is an offense to him. 
 (My addition: It's actually worse than what Gallagher asserts because the objective is use sexual license as a vehicle to destroy Christianity to advance full-blown Marxism)
I've blogged about Marxist Sexual values before, and I'm going to have a lot more to say on the topic in the near future. For now, parents must understand that Dan Savage is a leading purveyor of Marxist Sexual vales, and his objective is get your kids having lots of weird sex at a very young age.  Marxist Sexual values are seductive, especially to teenagers, because they justify having lots of sex.  Obsession with sexual gratification advances Marxist objectives because it undermines the discipline necessary to achieve anything; people like Dan Savage mischaracterize sexual discipline (insert S&M joke here!) as repression.  Once you're having lots of irresponsible sex, you're going to be predisposed to have someone else (ie. the government) take care of your needs.

Anger and misery are the natural consequence of Marxist sexual values.

Parents beware: Dan Savage is coming for your kids.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why Vladimir Putin is an Asshole (Partial!)

Recently, Google added analytics to the blogger package, so I've been able to track where readership from this blog comes from.  I was shocked to learn that the #2 country in the world for traffic to Cahnman's Musings is Russia.  Since that either means I'm being monitored by the FSS (the modern equivalent of the KGB), or I'm an inspiration to dissidents, the time has come to talk about Vladimir Putin.

Who is Vladimir Putin?!?

Vladmir Putin is the newly re-inaugurated "President" of Russia; in reality, he's the Dictator of Russia.  He's a former KGB guy.  He's wildly corrupt.  All-in-all, he's a really bad dude.  I stand by my characterization in the title, here's why:

The following seven examples are a small sample of Vladimir Putin's malfeasance.

  • Murdering Journalists -- Hundreds of Journalists have been murdered by the Security Services in Russia since Putin assumed power.  (Apologize for the Wikipedia link, but it has the full list in one place.)

A small sampling of the evil Vladmir Putin has done over the years.  Vladimir Putin is an Asshole.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day 2012: How to REALLY Return Power to the People

With Occupy taking back off, we're going to hear a lot about 'power to the people' over the next few months.  While the phrase 'power to the people' has been hijacked by Marxists, when properly understood the phrase is a call to federalism and local control.

In 2012 and 2013, Americans need to demand Washington D.C. return power to the states, that the states return power to local government, and that local governments and school boards use honest accounting.

From a [Texas-centric] policy perspective, this calls for Uproot and Overhaul at the Federal Level, the Texas Budget Compact at the State Level, and Texas Comptroller Susan Combs local government transparency proposals.

Keeping money and power close to the people keeps the dollar amounts smaller and requires fewer citizens to expose corruption.  It's easier to go to your local city council or school board meeting than it is to visit Austin or Washington D.C.  You only need one to two committed citizens to monitor a school board or local government.

We need to keep government spending as close to the people as possible, instead of laundering it through Washington D.C. and Austin and receiving a smaller amount back with strings attached.  Money laundering between various levels of government creates the conditions in which financial shenanigans flourish.  Large sums of money, laundered through various levels of government, also removes accountability from those who want to push radicalism on unsuspecting youngsters.  It's easier for Marxists to consolidate power at higher levels than across thousands of local jurisdictions; which is why the progressives set things up this way in the first place.

Federalism and local control have to become MAJOR issues against which we judge candidates, especially in primaries.  It's crucial to hold power as accountable to the people as possible.  Sending power as far down the chain of command denotes humility.  Any time you face a seemingly insurmountable problem, step one is ALWAYS to break that problem down into manageable chunks.  Uproot and Overhaul, and the Texas Budget compact are essential early steps....