Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Game Dan Savage is Really Playing

I've written on Dan Savage before; I had a thought this past week regarding him that I wanted to share.

I think the "It Gets Better" campaign is a front.  It allows Dan Savage to post as some sort of defender of the oppressed.  As a result, no one will examine everything else he's doing.

This 'gay bullying' issue that's come up the past few years is totally PHONY.  In reality, homosexuals are the most coddled group in America.  When expressing a personal opinion opposing homosexuality can get you fired, then homosexuals are NOT victims of bullying.

Meanwhile, having avoided any sort of meaningful scrutiny, Dan Savage is quietly working to turn America's youth into deviants, pagans, and perverts.

The key, however, is that the It Gets Better campaign is the front that allows him to pursue his real agenda.

Mediterranean Update Tuesday on Saturday

Between my Ted Cruz interview and the Obamacare news this week, I haven't had time to comment on the news coming out of the Mediterranean.  There are, however, three stories that came out this past week about which I do want to comment.

First things first, the Muslim Brotherhood has officially come to power in Egypt.  There is no way to spin this, it's an unmitigated disaster.  The Suez Canal is now controlled by Islamists.  Even worse, we can now expect Egypt to become a major state sponsor of terrorism.  I pray Jesus is coming back soon, because every other possibility is catastrophic.

Speaking of Jesus coming back, Vladimir Putin was in Israel this past week.  We was there to talk Natural Gas and Iranian Nukes.  I think Ezekiel 38:12 speaks for itself: "To take a spoil, and to take a prey."

Finally, I wanted to touch on the latest European bailout deal.  Jim Rogers is spot on when he says "Just because you have a way to get to borrow more money, this is not solving the problem, it is making the problem worse."  However, we are now late enough in Barack Obama's presidency that I think there's actually A LOT of value in kicking the can down the road seven more months and into Mitt Romney's presidency.

At a minimum, this AIN'T gonna be boring.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Obamacare and the Supreme Court: On End Times and Silver Linings

"This notion that they have in Washington D.C., that they can take our own money and return it to us  WITH STRINGS ATTACHED and call it a gift, is insulting."
- Governor Rick Perry

"Theoretically, there is nothing that can stop government from taxing 100% of income so long as the people get benefits from the government commensurate with their income which is taxed."
- Barack Obama Sr.

As a follow-up from my post yesterday about begging God for help FIRST, before any political activity, I have a few comments:

  • United States Senate -- On a more earthly level, in upholding Obamacare, the United States has handed the Conservative Grassroots a HOWITZER to use in United States Senate races.  Here in Texas, considering that David Dewhurst has accepted campaign contributions from Obamacare Supporting Special-Interests, it's more important than ever to elect Ted Cruz.  Outside Texas, every single Democrat currently serving in the U.S. Senate voted FOR Obamacare, and 22 Democrat-held seats are up this November.  Obamacare is the noose that will hang many Democrats in the U.S. Senate this year.
  • Class Warfare is DEAD -- Barack Obama now owns the biggest middle class tax-hike in American History, and I don't think people fully comprehend the magnitude of that.  Barack Obama has set up his campaign as a class warfare attack on Mitt Romney and Bain Capital.  In his borderline Stalinist speech in Kansas last December, Barack Obama said: "If we want a strong middle class, then our tax code must respect our values."  Barack Obama obviously values confiscating the income of the middle class to ration their health care.
This ruling lays bare the central lie of ALL class warfare; there are NEVER enough 'rich' people to pay for all the goodies promised.  The quotes above, from Governor Perry and Barack Obama Sr., lay out the contrast.  This ruling is still atrocious, but it brings with it some VERY tangible silver linings....

Thursday, June 28, 2012

SCOTUS Obamacare Reaction

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14

I've been all over the place on Obamacare today.  Primarily, I'm devastated; the horrific substance of this evil law is so bad that the intriguing possibilities of having it as a political issue pale in comparison.  There is, however, one precondition we must meet before anything else becomes relevant.

We have to make ourselves right with God.

Honestly, I don't understand what's going on.  On the one hand, we have wildly encouraging trends in public opinion and election results.  On the other, the trends have been obvious for three years, yet Obamacare moves forward.  It shouldn't have gotten this far.  And yet it has.

I do know one thing, and that's that we can't accomplish any of this without God.  We've already tried.  But God is who He says He is, and if we follow the scripture quoted above, we've got a fighting chance.

Over the past couple weeks, Glenn Beck has discussed a book called the Harbinger. I haven't read the book, but it discusses paralells between the book of Isaiah and the past decade of American History.  If you go back to the Book of Isaiah, you see that the Ancient Israelites consistently responded to God's warnings of impending judgement with man-made solutions.  I am increasingly convinced that the United States has made the exact same mistake since 9/11.  That must change.

Obamacare is evil.  As just one example, Obamacare forces churches to financially subsidize genocide against unborn children.  An evil on the scale of Obamacare can only happen to a nation for who God has withdrawn His protection.  The good news, however, is that God is who He says He is.  If we follow the scripture above, then He will 'heal [our] land.'

Yes, it's important to elect Mitt Romney.  Yes, we have to take over the United States Senate.  Before we have a chance, however, we better get down on our knees and BEG God to forgive us and heal our land.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bohener caves on Keystone Pipeline (yet again)

John Boehner's underwhelming performance as Speaker continued today.  Once again, House Republicans have caved on the Keystone Pipeline.  As a result Americans will continue to subsidize deadbeat twenty-somethings, but won't receive cheap and abundant energy in return.

This is consistent with Boehner's M.O. since he became speaker.  Republicans have a politically popular position, Obama has a politically questionable one.  Last year's disheartening 'fight' over the debt ceiling was the main example; today's cave is proof that John Boehner has learned nothing since last year.

John Boehner has proven himself an ineffective leader in opposition.  He cannot be trusted to maximize the majority this upcoming election will yield.  Unfortunately, I'm going to have to address this more systematically before the convention.

Ted Cruz Debrief Pt. 1: Appropriations Committee

Yesterday, I interviewed Texas U.S. Senate Candidate Ted Cruz.  In going back through the interview, I'm struck by the first thing he said.  Ted Cruz wants to serve on the Appropriations committee.

This is an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

Delivering spending reductions at any level of government, but especially the Federal, is tricky.  Reducing Spending requires mastering complex budget processes that are deliberately designed to bore normal people.  The respective House and Senate Appropriations committees are where individual members exercise maximum leverage over the budget.

For example, the reason Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair law has succeeded so spectacularly in Wisconsin is because Gov. Walker mastered the boring details of process.  When the unions offered to give Scott Walker some financial concessions in exchange for maintaining their corrupt bargaining protections, Walker wisely said no.  Scott Walker understood that dismantling the unions corrupt bargaining protections was a more important reform than temporary financial concessions.

When Ted Cruz says, "most people want to serve on Approps to spend money...and I'd like to serve on Appropriations to lead the fight to dramatically reduce the size, power, and spending of the Federal Government and to stop appropriating money beyond our means" that's huge.  It indicates that Ted Cruz has already given thought to the boring process details that are key to long-term spending reductions. Dismantling Federal Spending will require a pain in the ass Senator (or two) (or three) on the Appropriations committee; Ted Cruz is obviously prepared to be that pain in the ass.

One factor that has consistently impressed me about Ted Cruz is his knowledge of boring process in the U.S. Senate.  Ted Cruz understands that Congress needs to flex it's atrophied Constitutional muscles, and he understands how to do so effectively.  The Appropriations committee is just one example of this fact.

As Texans consider which U.S. Senate Candidate will deliver on their promises to dismantle Federal intrusion into Texas, Ted Cruz has already figured out many of the boring process details.

Help Mess with Teachers Unions!!!

Up in New Hampshire, Granite Grok has found something interesting:
I was forwarded a copy of the candidate survey sent out to New Hampshire Legislative Candidates from the American Federation of Teachers (AFT-NH).  It is twenty-five questions whose focus can be summed up in two words; Money and Power.
The entire survey is dedicated to asking whether you will do anything to curb public union power or will vote to change how public union teachers are compensated, their pensions,  including whether you would support any legislation that would make it harder to raise taxes.
Can’t put road blocks on the path to legal plunder.  Gotta have more taxes.   Money and Union Power. That’s the entire survey.
There are questions on voter ID, Vouchers, Charter Schools; do you support right to work and collective bargaining rights; would you block dues collection through payroll deduction, and they even ask if you would vote to block Obamacare?  But my favorite….”Do you support the Free State Project?”  I kid you not.
So what about the children?  Screw the children. There is not one question about kids, students, materials, curriculum, facilities, or anything that has anything to do with legislators concerns about public education or educating children, unless you count the questions on whether you might be even remotely inclined to let parents (see also taxpayers) decide where to educate their children.  Like I said, money and power.
If you are wondering, I am not a candidate, but I’d still get a zero and not just because I support the Free State Projects rights, just as much as I support the right of Democrats, to express their opinions and agendas, and to engage in the political process.  I clearly have more in common with them than the AFT, a lot more, but the question does not ask that does it?
So does the AFT survey tell us about their proprieties for “education?”  Damn right it does.  Public education is merely a vehicle to money and Union power. And your chidlren?  They don’t even make the the candidate survey.

Here's the Link to the Survey

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Ted Cruz on Elena Kagan, Eric Holder, the Federal Administrative State, and Energy Development

Today, I had an interview with Texas U.S. Senate Candidate, Ted Cruz.  Audio here:

I'll (hopefully) do a detailed write up over the next few days, but here are the highlights:

  • Ted Cruz wants to serve on the Appropriations and Judiciary Committees.
  • We discussed Justice Elena Kagan and questions surrounding the propriety of her hearing the Obamacare case.
  • We discussed the ongoing Fast and Furious scandal, for which his campaign has produced this video:
  • The bottom line for Ted Cruz on both Elena Kagan and Eric Holder is that all administrations need to be held accountable for their actions and that accountability 'certainly could' extend past January 20th of next year.
  • We discussed the growth of the administrative state and what Ted Cruz intends to do about it.  Ted Cruz supports legislation called the REINS Act that will require an affirmative vote of Congress before any Federal Regulation with an economic impact over $100 million goes into effect.
  • Finally, we discussed energy development and the controversy over fracking.  Ted believes that, in the unlikely event Barack Obama is re-elected, he will actively seek to ban fracking.  Being from New York originally, this issue hits home for me.
I'll (hopefully) get to do a longer write-up in the next few days, but in the meantime enjoy and share at will!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Case Against Elena Kagan

I'm prepping for an interview tomorrow that should be up here in about 24 hours.  For that, I've focused on Elena Kagan's participation in the Obamacare case before the Supreme Court.  While I'm not a lawyer, to my (admittedly amateur) reading of the evidence and the law, Elena Kagan had no business hearing that case in the first place.  In not recusing herself in this case, Elena Kagan broke federal law.  Elena Kagan needs to be impeached; whether this actually happens is a political question, not a legal one.

According to this report from the Judicial Crisis network Elena Kagan:

- Personally got the Office of the Solicitor General involved early in the process

- Made Key Staffing Decisions

- Was part of the early planning for the Obamacare defense.

- She was clearly required to recuse herself under 28 U.S.C. 455 (b) (3) and (a)

- She didn't recuse herself.

According to my reading of just these facts, Elena Kagan broke the law by hearing the Obamacare case in the first place.  Article III, Section one clearly states federal judges "shall hold their Offices during good Behavior."  Thus, at least to me, it seems that Elena Kagan has clearly committed an impeachable offense.

This is now a political question, not a legal one.  I'm not suggesting impeaching Elena Kagan will be easy or fun.  Impeaching Elena Kagan will unleash a firestorm on anyone who pursues it.  Unfortunately, it's necessary.  Elena Kagan's willingness to hear a case where she had previously served as an advocate calls into question her impartiality in all future cases.

With political courage, this is both a necessary and a winnable fight.

Am I missing anything?!?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Book Review: Radical Son, by David Horowitz

Radical Son is the best expose of the American left I have ever read (though I have yet to read Witness).  The history of the American left has been deliberately covered-up, but David Horowitz knows the truth because David Horowitz lived it from the 1940's through the early-1980's.  The bottom line is that every generation of Marxists has known the horrific consequences of its actions in real time, and every generation has covered up their horrors in real time because the truth was an obstacle to their revolutionary objectives.

David Horowitz was born a red-diaper baby in New York City in 1939.  Horowitz's parents, while not paid agents of Moscow themselves, were nevertheless Communist Party Members who followed Moscow's party line.  Horowitz's father, for example, took a party sponsored trip to the Soviet Union in 1932 (18-24).

The first half of David Horowitz's life reads like a guided tour through the darkest aspects of twentieth century America.  Horowitz's parents were fellow travelers of the treasonous Rosenbergs.  Horowitz himself helped launch the New Left (105/6) in response to John Kennedy's War in Vietnam.  He worked extensively with the Black Panthers in the 1970's until a murder committed by Panther operatives caused Horowitz to question his allegiance to the left.

In each instance, the left knew about the crimes of its fellow travelers in real time.  1950's American leftists knew about Stalin's famines and gulags.  The 1960's antiwar left knew the North Vietnamese were genocidal thugs who were torturing American P.O.W.'s.  In the 1970's, while many didn't want to admit it, the White Left knew the Black Panthers were street criminals and not the 'Revolutionary Outlaws' of leftist imagination. In each instance, the American Left covered up the crimes of revolutionary leftists in pursuit of revolutionary objectives.

While each era in Horowitz's life is worthy of an essay on its own, his encounters with the homosexual left in the mid-1980's (after Horowitz had broken with the left but before he publicly identified himself as a conservative), are most directly relevant to today.  From page 337 to page 349, Horowitz chronicles his dealings with homosexual radicals during the mid-1980's.  At the time, there was a concerted effort to blame President Reagan for AIDS.  Horowitz smelled a rat and decided to investigate.  What Horowitz discovered is one of the most morally and physically disgusting sets of lies about which I have ever read.

Early in his investigation, Horowitz discovered:
the political aspects of the story were more significant and troubling than we had imagined....[I]t was the gay leaders themselves who suppressed the research findings, along with the fact -- now generally accepted by medical officials -- that AIDS was a sexually transmitted disease....The activists were afraid that identifying the disease with promiscuous sex and also with gay sex -- 95 percent of the cases in San Francisco were among homosexual males -- would stigmatize the 'gay lifestyle' and create a political backlash.  The political clout of the activists was powerful enough to prevent information about the sexual transmission of AIDS from being disseminated by health officials to those at risk....[A]nd that passive Anal Sex was the source of almost all transmissions. (339-340)
In order to advance their revolutionary objectives, the radical homosexual 'leadership' knowingly committed  ignorant men to involuntary martyrdom.  As one nurse Horowitz interviewed explained: "There are leaders in this community...who don't want people to know the truth.  Their attitude is that it is bad for business, bad for the gay image.  Hundreds, perhaps thousands, are going to die because of this attitude. This whole thing borders on the homicidal.  (342)"  In reality, hundreds of thousands have died.

This era remains relevant because today's homosexual 'leadership' is equally corrupt but better organized.  Just this past month, Barack Obama invited militant homosexual 'leaders' to the White House, where they continued the juvenile homosexual vendetta against President Reagan.  Dan Savage is just as big a bully as the homosexual 'leaders' in San Francisco in the mid-1980's, and Dan Savage is coming for your children.  No matter how the Dan Savage's of the world try to spin it, Homosexual activity leads directly to gross diseases and shorter life spans.  Unfortunately, the attitude of far too many homosexual can be summed up in this quote: "Every time I get the clap, I'm striking a blow for the sexual revolution. (338)"

Marxism is a Satanic ideology.  David Horowitz spent the first 40 years of his life intimately involved with Satan's minions on the American Left, and he lived to tell the story.  I believe God protected David Horowitz over the years so he could expose the truths the left deliberately covered up.  If Radical Son has a shortcoming, it's that Horowitz focuses too much on earthly politics without understanding the Spiritual Warfare described in Ephesians 6.  That shortcoming, however, is forgivable.  If you want to understand the truths the American left has covered up, from Uncle Joe's paid agents in the 1940's through the radical homosexuals of the 1980's, Radical Son is required reading.

Friday, June 22, 2012

How I Found My Keys

I had the craziest thing happen to me this morning, and it's such a powerful testimony that I had to share.

This morning, I went out to run an errand before I left the house for the day.  I thought I took my keys with me, but I wasn't sure.  When I finished my errand, I checked my pockets and they weren't there.  I didn't think too much of it, because I figured I'd probably just left them at the house.

When I got home, I searched the house from top to bottom to find my keys.  Nothing.  I couldn't find them anywhere.

No big deal, I figure, they must have fallen out of my pocket on the walk to my errand; I decided to re-trace my steps.  NOTHING.

At this point, I started to worry.  If I'd lost my keys, that'd mean we'd have to change the locks on the house.  My roommate and landlord are pretty cool, but I know I'd have to bear the expense myself if we had to change the locks.

So I prayed.

When I'd run out of things I could do myself to find my keys, I asked God to help.

45 minutes later, I got a phone call.

It was from the Austin Public Library.  It turns out a guy had found my keys and had seen my APL card on my keychain.  He'd called APL to track me down to return my keys, which I then got back.

God isn't just for the big issues in life and the world; he'll also help you find your keys!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

San Antonio wants to raise your taxes

Leave it to the San Antonio City Council to advocate this terrible idea; of course, they're hiding behind children.

Government-run pre-kindergarten programs historically have been boondoggles that hurt the people they claim to help.

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book: politicians hide behind children to raise your taxes then they funnel the money to their friends.  This is the same city government in San Antonio that has proposed $180 million for a downtown trolley while trying to make 1604 a toll road.  This is a terrible idea; I hope the people of San Antonio shut it down.

Contact San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro here: 207-2280

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility has more.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vladimir Putin's Utter Contempt for Barack Obama

Yesterday, I wrote about the intersection of current events in the Mediterranean and Biblical Prophesy.  I stand by what I said.  I do, however, want to accompany that analysis with a comment on Earthly Geopolitics.

In late March, Barack Obama asked Dimitri Medvedev for 'space' until after the upcoming election when he would have more 'flexibility' to address Moscow's concerns.  Vladimir Putin responded by sending Russian Marines to undermine Barack Obama's farce of a Syria policy.  This reveals everything you need to know about Barack Obama's pathetic performance as Commander-in-Chief.

Barack Obama's vaunted 'reset' with Vladimir Putin might be the biggest policy failure of Barack Obama's administration.  I say that fully aware of the Debt and Obamacare.  Barack Obama has surrendered everything to Moscow and gotten nothing in return.

Barack Obama, much like Franklin Roosevelt at Yalta, surrendered Eastern Europe to Moscow.  In return, Moscow helped Iran accelerate its nuclear program.  Under Barack Obama's watch, Vladimir Putin (with Iran) is also selling Hugo Chavez missiles that can hit the United States.

If this is Biblical prophesy, then so be it.  Scripture is quite clear, however, that we don't know when the End is going to occur.  In the meantime, however, Barack Obama's Foreign Policy has been catastrophic for the United States.  From Libya, to Egypt, to Iraq, to Afghanistan, to Latin America Barack Obama has made the United States a Global Laughingstock (and he lied about bin Laden).  Vladimir Putin's contempt over Syria is par for the course.

Semi-Serious Eric Holder Prediction

Well, with the news this morning, it certainly looks like the you know what is starting to hit the fan for Attorney General Holder.

Let me put it this way: if Eric Holder, or some other prominent Obama administration official, suddenly ends up on a plane to Switzerland, then you heard it here first.

For the record, I first said this on Facebook three hours ago.

Adam Cahn
Austin, TX
6/20/2012; 2:12 PM

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mediterranean Update Tuesday: It's all About God

Last Tuesday, I issued an update on the situation in the Mediterranean zone of chaos.  I was thinking about making this a regular feature.  Events over the past 48 hours definitely merit comment.

On Sunday, in the do-over elections, Greece stepped back from the brink.  Greek voters gave the pro-European party a solid, though not overwhelming, victory.  While we're nowhere near out of the woods, this does buy us some time.  A fragile consensus might exist that economic reform, as painful as it might be, beats the chaos that would follow a Greek exit from the Eurozone.  It definitely beats having Nazi's and Communists take power.

I'd barely exhaled over Greece, when this headline about Russia collaborating with Syria came out.  For those of you unaware, Russian collaboration with Israel's enemies 'to the north' is a MAJOR BIBLICAL PROPHESY.  Obviously, we don't know when the end is going to arrive, but when the news of the day reports that Russian Military assets are positioned on Syrian Territory where Iranian proxies can attack Israel, I take notice.  I spent some time yesterday making sure I was ready for the end of the end.  Then, all of a sudden, the Russian ship turned back.

(Sidenote: In the realm of Earthly Geopolitics, Vladmir Putin's utter contempt for Barack Obama must also be noted.)

So, what does this mean?!?

I know some people are going to say I'm crazy for writing this, but I think we've seen two major acts of Divine Protection in the past 48 hours.  I've seen God at work in my own life lately, and I've suspected we'd see His hand in World Affairs.  The Scriptures are clear that He will warn us before the end, and I can't shake the feeling that these were two of those warnings.  Even if one accepts earthly explanations for these events, the fact that Greek voters and British insurance companies are acting courageously is miraculous by itself.  But I don't accept Earthly explanations.

It's easy to get caught up in the affairs of the world and lose perspective.  That's why it's important to check ourselves and make sure we keep Him first.  With God, we can accomplish anything; without Him, we can't do squat.

If I were a Pastor, this is where I'd do the invitation; since I'm not, I'll send you here:

Update (6/20/2012): The Greeks are now paying their back taxes; do you believe in Miracles?!?

Monday, June 18, 2012

RightOnline 2012: The Biggest Takeaway

I attended the RightOnline 2012 Conference this past weekend.  It was awesome.  We're winning and we just need to keep going.

I sat down to write a review of the conference, but there were 25 separate items I wanted to discuss.  A detailed review isn't feasible, especially with Biblical Prophecies coming true in today's headlines.  Instead, I wanted to share a strategic observation on the broad trends we're facing.

The big takeaway is that we're winning.  The most important action we can take is to continue doing exactly what we're doing.  This process is a long-haul, but as long as we maintain consistent, persistent, pressure, we'll win.

In terms of substance, Scott Rasmussen was the most important person I had a chance to speak with.  His point was simple: the public outrage is real, it began with TARP and was solidified by Obamacare, and it has transformed the electorate.  Even when they don't follow politics closely, the public instinctively understands the size of the problem, and they're open to big solutions.  The Wisconsin recall results confirmed something I've suspected for awhile.  Scott Rasmussen's analysis, in both public remarks and our personal conversations,  was further proof.  Update:  Rasmussen Speech Here

One modest caveat is that, in the realm of public opinion, results are more important than theory.  As Scott Rasmussen said "people don't care about limited government, they care about the type of society limited government will create."  Although the public in Wisconsin supported Scott Walker in the Abstract, it wasn't until their property taxes went down that Scott Walker won the election.

Thank you to Eliza Vielma, the new media person at AFP-Texas, who is the main reason I was able to go.  Thank you also to Peggy Venable, AFP-Texas State Director, for much the same reason.  Thank you to AFP National, and Stephanie Fontenot in particular, for the work you did to pull this off.  Thank you also to Cindy Malette, formerly of AFP-Texas, for pestering me to blog for two years before the message sunk in.  Finally, of course, thank you to God, because without him, the rest of this is irrelevant.

Finally, I want to close by mentioning Andrew Breitbart.  For obvious reasons, Andrew was a major topic of conversation this weekend.  Andrew's #1 objective in this world was to empower the rest of us to take on Hollywood and the corrupt media.  Just today, Chris Cilizza of Washington Post came up with this whiny crybaby piece, that Rush brilliantly destroyed.  That Cilizza piece proves how much trouble the left is in.  The best way to honor Andrew Breitbart is to continue doing exactly what we're doing.  We're winning, and as long as we stay in the fight, we're gonna kick their ass.

Update: Tom Tillison has more.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Desperate Dewhurst's Despicable Smear of Private Citizen

What do you call a sitting government official who smears a Private Citizen?!?  You call him Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst.

The back-story is simple: A Ted Cruz supporter made a statement on Twitter criticizing the Dewhurst Campaign for hiding behind disabled veterans and the Dewhurst campaign responded by lying and accusing the Cruz supporter of belittling wounded veterans.

Adrian Murray has more:
So, just like with the Chinese piracy lie and the contributions to Democrats lie, finding the truth required skydiving once again into Dewhurst fantasyland, a journey not recommended for small children or the feeble of mind. The first two lies took an arduous five minutes to thoroughly debunk. The latest, all of about thirty seconds. It just keeps getting easier as the lies get more creatively desperate.

Here's the story: At the Republican convention this past weekend the Dewhurst campaign introduced their candidate with a moving two-minute video of wounded Iraqi War veteran Daniel Moran endorsing the Lt. Governor. Katrina tweeted, "Dewhurst exploits deformed disabled vet in intro video. So sad. Liberals placate to heart strings so it meets expectations.” 

Okay, deformed was a poor word choice (Katrina later apologized when the twitter-sphere piled on.) But does that error warrant this, which is the first line of the attack email?

“Ted Cruz's campaign machine has sunk to an outrageous new low.”

Really? Is this amateur hour in the Dewhurst campaign bunker? How does this even have anything to do with the Cruz campaign machine?

That’s lie number one.

Lie number two is the allegation that mega-supporter Katrina Pierson attacked Capt. Moran's character. (Just what is a mega-supporter, anyway? You either support a candidate or you don't. What's the mega thing supposed to mean?) Did you read anything in the tweet that attacks his character? No? Neither did I.

Lie number three comes with this statement: “The fact the neither Ted Cruz nor his campaign has apologized to Capt. Moran and denounced these shameful and insensitive comments (hyperbolize much, fellows?) clearly demonstrates a lack of leadership in admitting when he, his campaign, or their most prominent supporters make mistakes.”

While we're all still waiting on the apology for the lies about China and Democrat donations, we'd like to point out the the Cruz campaign, while it was certainly not obligated to, did issue this statement:
“This was a poor choice of words and Katrina, who is an unpaid Tea Party leader and single mother, has appropriately apologized. As an Iraq War veteran, I can tell you unequivocally that Ted Cruz respects Dan Moran's service and that of every veteran.” We'd give the Dewhurst team the benefit of the doubt and assume that just hadn't seen this statement yet, but with the history of lies coming from fabricating folks we're just going to say they lied.
David Dewhurst, more desperate than Miranda Lambert thru 5 bars and 30 license plates....

John Cornyn's Pathetic Pander on Eric Holder

A couple days ago, Texas' own U.S. Senator John Cornyn had this encounter with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder:

Stuff like this drives me insane; let's review John Cornyn's record:

I could go on, because John Cornyn has voted for A LOT of atrocious legislation.  John Cornyn has also been a disgraceful chairman of the Republican Senate Campaign committee.  It's against this backdrop that we must assess John Cornyn shamelessly mugging for the cameras from the chamber of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

This incident encapsulates everything that's infuriating about Texas' Congressional Delegation.  Our congressional delegation routinely supports terrible legislation, then they pander and tell Texas Conservatives what we want to hear.  Texas' Republican Congressional delegation has zero interest in limited government unless they can use it to make Democrats look bad.

That isn't good enough.  If John Cornyn were serious about getting to the bottom of Fast and Furious, he'd have played hardball with the Obama administration a year ago.  Mugging for the cameras and yelling at Eric Holder is way to little, waaaaaaaaay too late.

Contrast John Cornyn's words with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott's actions.  Where John Cornyn threw a Public Hissy fit, Attorney General Abbott has quietly sued the Federal Govt. over 20 times.  Unlike John Cornyn, Attorney General Abbott gets results.

With all due respect, Senator Cornyn, you've been playing this game for a decade; we've figured it out.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ronald Reagan and the Power of Truth

Yesterday was the twenty-fifth anniversary of Ronald Reagan's Tear Down this Wall Speech:
I had the opportunity to hear Peter Robinson, the Reagan aide who drafted the speech, discuss its Genesis today in Austin.  I was struck, overwhelmingly, by the powerful simplicity of truth.

The Book of Ephesians calls God's word "the sword of the spirit" (6:17 KJV); Psalm 119 makes clear that His word is Truth.  Through God, truth frequently acts as a sword.  Ronald Reagan understood this reality.

The struggle between Freedom and Totalitarianism in Geopolitics is an extension of the struggle between Good and Evil that began in the Garden of Eden.  As our founders understood, man's freedom derives from the fact that God created us in His image.  Totalitarianism, like all Satanic Ideologies, can only exist on top of lies.  Truth slays lies, which is why totalitarians intimidate people against truth.  On a related note, this is why the American left is so desperate to put Rush Limbaugh out of business.

Robinson spoke today about the speech-writing trip he took to Berlin in advance of the President.  While in Berlin, the State Department bureaucracy, content to manage lies, told Robinson the residents of Berlin didn't really care about the Wall.  In contrast, an actual resident of Berlin, upon being asked about the Wall, indignantly asked Robinson: "My sister lives a few miles that way [pointing at the Wall] and I haven't seen her in 20 years; how do you think I feel about the Wall?!?"

When Andrew Breitbart died, I wrote:
Andrew Breitbart stood for Truth.  We have to restore that truth.  We have to restore the truth about God.  We have to restore the truth about History.  We have to restore the truth in our Culture.  We have to restore the truth about our Economy.  We have to restore the truth about our Government.  The truth can be terrifying, especially at first, but the lies will kill you.
Truth is simple, even though it's often not easy.  Totalitarians, like all minions of the Great Deceiver, disugise truth and intimidate those who seek and speak it.  Ronald Reagan's stunning political success resulted from his personal grounding in Truth.  Not surprisingly, Jesus Christ said it best: "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32 KJV)"

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Update from the Mediterranean Zone

In the past few days, we've seen significant developments in the Mediterranean Zone of Chaos.  It's a giant cluster-you-know-what, but in the past week we've seen:

Stay tuned, this ain't gonna be boring!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Movie Review: For Greater Glory

This movie was awesome; I can't believe Hollywood made it.

For Greater Glory tells the story of the Cristero Rebellion, a forgotten episode in World History.  In 1924, a leftist government came to power in Mexico, then violently suppressed the Catholic Church.  For Greater Glory tells the story of the Cristada resistance.

The Movie opens in 1926, during the Calles government.  The first part of the movie details shutting down the churches, followed by the initial political resistance to the Calles regime.   Unfortunately, the regime ignored the people, and continued to brutally suppress the Church.  Armed resistance naturally followed.

The movie weaves together the personal stories of five main characters to tell the story of a Revolution.  Andy Garcia plays General Enrique Gorostieta, a retired General who signs up to fight for freedom and comes to know God.  Mauricio Kuri plays Jose, a young teenager who joins the Christadas after watching the regime brutalize his Village Priest.  Victorino, a ranchero and Father Vega, a Priest must learn to set aside their differences in pursuit of a bigger goal.  Catalina Sandino Morena played Adriana, who shows the role women played arming the rebellion and caring for the Freedom Fighters.  While Eva Longoria appears briefly, she's not around long enough to say anything stupid.

The parallels between Mexico in the 1920's and contemporary America are obvious.  Like Presidente Calles, the current American President is a demagogic Communist.  Like Presidente Calles, the current American President cannot tolerate competing belief systems.  While, unlike Presidente Calles, Barack Obama's weapon against the Church is likely to be the Health and Human services department instead of Federal Troops, the intention is identical.  The Universal Truths of God are a threat to totalitarians everywhere.

For Greater Glory is the second film to come out this year, following Monumental (which I reviewed in March), that outlines the road-map for our cultural renewal.  Where Monumental was instructive, For Greater Glory is illustrative.  I have no idea who they had to bribe or blackmail to get Hollywood to make this movie, but I Thank the Lord that it did Happen.

For Greater Glory; it was friggin' awesome!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dolores Huerta, Lech Walesa, and Barack Obama's Messed Up Priorities

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness in this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12

It takes a real piece of work to simultaneously honor a communist subversive and insult a hero of the Eastern European resistance.  Right on cue, here's Barack Obama.  This incident reveals too much about Barack Obama's core values to let it pass without comment.

Who are Dolores Huerta and Lech Walesa?!?

Dolores Huerta is a Communist.  While it's unclear if she was ever a paid agent of Moscow, the depth of her commitment to revolutionary Marxism is not.  In the 1980's, when the Nicaraguan Freedom Fighters confronted Moscow's Bloodthirsty Sandinistas, Dolores Huerta chose Moscow.  Dolores Huerta has praised Hugo Chavez, a dictator who has systematically impoverished and enslaved his people.  Ditto Fidel Castro.  Dolores Huerta has been a friend of Godless Tyranny for Decades.

Lech Walesa led the Polish Solidarity movement at a time when doing so led to torture or worse.  Unlike Dolores Huerta, a coward who only promoted tyranny behind the protection of the United States Constitution, Lech Walesa courageously stood for liberty behind the Iron Curtain.  Lech Walesa's courage inspired the Pope and Reagan.  In describing Lech Walesa, Ronald Reagan said it best:

You don't get a much clearer contrast than Dolores Huerta and Lech Walesa; that Barack Obama chose to honor one and insult the other tells you everything you need to know about Barack Obama.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The American Electorate has Changed; Scott Walker is Proof!!!

The American Electorate has changed over the past five years.  The 2010 Tea Party Landslide was the first revelation of this fact.  Gov. Scott Walker's easy win Tuesday proves the depth of this shift.

The American People are indignant that the people who created this mess are asking for more power to continue the scam.  The American people understand that we've been sold a bill of goods over the past 100 years and that the game can no longer continue.  Prior to 1913, Federal Spending never exceeded 5% of GDP (except for the middle of the Civil War) and we need to return to those levels.  The individual bogeymen vary, from Federal housing policy, to The Federal Reserve, to Public Sector Unions, but their shared root cause is big government aggrandizing and enriching itself at the expense of decent people.  The American people understand the cause of this mess.

The American people have never been fans of gauzy, go-along to get-along centrism.  The Perot movement, which emerged in 1992, was a reaction to the Bush 41 administration's aggrandizement of Washington D.C. at the expense of Americans.  As Doug Schoen and Scott Rasmussen detail in their book Mad as Hell: How the Tea Party Movement is Fundamentally Remaking our Two-Party System:
Perot-era populism -- sparked by President George H.W. Bush's broken promise of 'no-new taxes' -- has never really left our politics....The resurgence of populism we are experiencing today is a continuation of the populist uprising of 1992 in the same way that World War II was a continuation of World War I, with a period in between that appeared quieter than it really was.  Also, just like the World Wars, the second act of the Perot-era is likely to provoke far more turbulence and far bigger changes on the political battlefields of 21st-century America. (47)
TARP followed by Obamacare forced decent people to stop complaining and become active.  Now that we're active, it's becoming increasingly easier to draw the widest possible contrast between decent people and the Left.

Madison is the New Democratic Core, which means that the Democrats are down to hippies and Union Thugs.  As Michael Barone has documented, decent people have grown to despise Democrat client groups. This shift is why historical modeling is inadequate to understand what's coming in November.  The lies of the past 100 years have been exposed, and the American people are awake.  This election isn't just about replacing Barack Obama, it isn't even just about repealing the excesses of the past decade; this election is about dismantling the lies of the past 100 years and restoring who we really are.

Think big people.  As Rush has explained for years, "Conservatism Wins, Every Time It's Tried."  Wisconsin is proof.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

America is Wisconsin; not Greece

Amid the celebration of Governor Scott Walker's decisive victory last night, one lesson stands out clearly: America is still America, we haven't become Greece.

Since Barack Obama was elected, and since the number of takers has inched ever closer to the number of makers, existential questions have been asked.  Can the American people restore the Constitutional Republic of our foundation, or will we succumb to what Mark Steyn calls extremely seductive incremental decline?!?  Last night, the voters of Wisconsin gave their answer.

In 2010, Governor Scott Walker campaigned on Restoring Economic Growth, Balancing the Budget, and Not Raising Taxes.  Collective Bargaining Reform is a natural component of that agenda.  Collective Bargaining Reform discredited the corrupt shibboleths upon which the left is built, thus they threw every thuggish tactic in their arsenal at Governor Walker.  The failed.  Wisconsinites affirmed budgetary reforms and thumbed their noses at the Unions.

Contrast last night is Wisconsin with the ongoing chaos in Greece.  Where Wisconsinites chose prudent budgetary reforms, Greeks threw a violent hissy fit.  Where Wisconsinites re-affirmed a courageous politician, Greeks elected Nazi's.  Wisconsin has a future, Greece does not.

Last night, Wisconsin voters sent a message to the world.  Is America done?!?  Not yet, NOT BY A LONG SHOT....

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sarah Palin to Headline RightOnline 2012

So, a couple of hours ago, I learned this:
Sarah Palin will be the headline speaker at this conservative celebration, which runs from June 15-16 at the Venetian Resort and Casino.

This was my reaction:

Cruz Supporters: Cut Rick Perry Some Slack

In conversations the past few days, several friends have expressed frustration with Rick Perry's support for David Dewhurst in the U.S. Senate Race.  The frustration is understandable, and Perry hasn't helped his own case.  Nevertheless, I urge Ted Cruz supporters to consider the 2013 legislative session and the Texas Constitution before condemning Governor Perry.

Last April, Governor Perry unveiled a very ambitious agenda for the 83rd Texas Legislature.  As I've written before, the Texas Budget Compact is THE structural reform to secure Texas' long-term economic future.  To enact the Texas Budget Compact, it needs to pass both houses of the Texas Legislature.

Like it or not, the Texas Constitution grants the sitting Lieutenant Governor almost dictatorial powers over the Texas Senate.  Like it or not, David Dewhurst hasn't kept secret his willingness to abuse the power of his current office as he seeks a new one.  Like it or not, David Dewhurst will still be Lieutenant Governor during the 83rd Texas Legislature.

David Dewhurst has already endorsed the Texas Budget Compact.  That's huge.  A vindictive, petulant Lieutenant Governor can ruin the 83rd Texas Legislature.

Ted Cruz does not need Rick Perry's support to win the U.S. Senate race; Rick Perry knows this.  David Dewhurst, however, can make life miserable for Conservatives in 2013; Rick Perry also knows this.  Cut Rick Perry some slack on this one, he knows what he's doing.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Book Review: Eros and Civilization, by Herbert Marcuse

This book sucked, I really hated it.

Unfortunately, if you want to understand why today's teenagers and twenty-somethings are sooooooo stupid, Eros and Civilization is unavoidable.  Herbert Marcuse is a Godfather of today's debased culture.  While Marcuse's prose is poorly written and almost incoherent, his conclusion is terrifyingly accurate: Sexual Licence makes all forms of Utopianism an easy sell.

Utopians have used Sex to promote their evil schemes since the dawn of time.  In biblical times, Jezebel use sexual licence to convince King Ahab to subsidize the enemies of God (sidenote: Times NEVER Change).  The French Revolution is notorious for HORRID acts of sexual depravity.  In just the past year, we've heard about people going to Occupy Wall St. to get laid.

Herbert Marcuse, once you penetrate his incoherent ramblings, sought to use sex to reshape American culture.  While Marcuse never states his ultimate goal, in general it's a Marxist and Pagan scheme to create Heaven on Earth.  Marcuse channels Franklin Roosevelt to redefine freedom as "to live without anxiety (150)."  Since morality creates anxiety, for Marcuse man "is free only where he is free from constraint, external and internal, physical and moral -- when he is constrained neither by law nor by need (187)."  Predictably, Marcuse is not a fan of Judeo-Christian values, or traditional nuclear families.

Marcuse's primary strategy is to remove taboos against sexual perversion, making physical sensation the primary objective of human existence:
the perversions uphold sexuality as an end in itself; they place themselves outside the dominion of the performance principle and challenge its very foundation.  They establish libidinal relationships relationships which society must ostracize because they threaten to reverse the process of civilization....Moreover, licence in the practice of perversions would endanger the orderly reproduction not only of labor power but perhaps even of mankind itself. (50-1)
That quote speaks for itself.

This is evil stuff.  Unlike most Utopians, who advocate force, Marcuse advocates sexual temptation to undermine our better angels.  According to Marcuse, the human body would
 [N]o longer be used as a full time instrument of labor, the body would be resexualized....The body in its entirety would become an object of cathexis, a thing to be enjoyed -- an instrument of pleasure.  This change in the value of and scope of libidinal relations would lead to a disintegration of the institutions in which the private interpersonal relations have been organized, particularly the monogamic and patriarchal family. (201)
 That, of course, was the original Marxist goal.

As I've written before: "Cultural Marxists use sex as a smokescreen to sabotage the discipline necessary to delay gratification."  Sexual licence ALWAYS begets chaos.  Once chaos ensues, Utopians know they can lead people to Marxism and Paganism.

Free Love is an easy sell to ignorant people.  That's why evil people use sex as a smokescreen to advance their agenda, which is usually some form of Marxism or Paganism.  Eros and Civilization, in spite of the fact it's a poorly written incoherent slog, is a necessary step to decode that agenda.