Monday, October 29, 2012

Libya vs. Hurricane Sandy; our Backwards Government

Today, Obama came off the campaign trail to mug for the cameras monitor the hurricane; I find the whole spectacle insulting.

Natural disasters aren't part of the President's Job Description, unlike being Commander-in-Chief.

This Benghazi story keeps getting worse, but Obama's monitoring the storm!!!

This contrast encapsulates a deeper truth about the Federal Government, best described by Governor Rick Perry in the book Fed Up:
because the Federal Government has inserted itself into so many domestic responsibilities entrusted by the Founders to the States, it can no longer focus on the very duties assigned to it under the Constitution. (115)
We still have a long road in front of us, but next Tuesday cannot come quickly enough.

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  1. It is now being reported one of the Navy Seal hero who died that day had painted the mortars who were shelling the compound for an imminent missile strike. Of course by doing that, he gave up his position and ultimately his life. Why did POTUS order that missile launch to stand down? The order would come from no one else.


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