Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why Vladimir Putin is an Asshole (Partial!)

Recently, Google added analytics to the blogger package, so I've been able to track where readership from this blog comes from.  I was shocked to learn that the #2 country in the world for traffic to Cahnman's Musings is Russia.  Since that either means I'm being monitored by the FSS (the modern equivalent of the KGB), or I'm an inspiration to dissidents, the time has come to talk about Vladimir Putin.

Who is Vladimir Putin?!?

Vladmir Putin is the newly re-inaugurated "President" of Russia; in reality, he's the Dictator of Russia.  He's a former KGB guy.  He's wildly corrupt.  All-in-all, he's a really bad dude.  I stand by my characterization in the title, here's why:

The following seven examples are a small sample of Vladimir Putin's malfeasance.

  • Murdering Journalists -- Hundreds of Journalists have been murdered by the Security Services in Russia since Putin assumed power.  (Apologize for the Wikipedia link, but it has the full list in one place.)

A small sampling of the evil Vladmir Putin has done over the years.  Vladimir Putin is an Asshole.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Yup....Absolutely...But isn't it funny how people are blind to the obvious?

  2. You mean the little dude with the Napoleonic Complex who thinks he can shove the USA around? It'd be like swatting a fly. He's nobody.

  3. Unfortunately he is an extremely dangerous man. Look at the systematic way he's plundered Ukraine through their own leaders, taken over part of the country and preparing to assimilate even more. Russia is at war with Ukraine, using economic warfare, psychological warfare with vicious propaganda, infiltrators and intimidation. He's a fucking asshole, for sure, but he's also a genius and is making the West look like fools with their fingers in their butts.

  4. I have killed so many Soviet KGB 1st chief directorate assholes in South East Asia in the 1960's, I lost count but it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 41. I would do this KGB prick in a new York Millisecond.


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