Friday, October 19, 2012

Republicans (surprisingly easy) path to 60 Senators

One of my pet peeves this election season is that people aren't being aggressive enough in U.S. Senate races.  Of the 33 seats up this cycle, two thirds are held by Democrats.  Of the seats held by Democrats, thirteen are in states that are neither in New England or on the West Coast.

The Republican 'thumpin' of 2006 was six years ago; all those seats are up.

(Author's note: Obviously, this analysis is based on the Republicans holding the seats they currently possess; with the possible exception of the open seat in Maine, they should do that without breaking a sweat.)

Consider the following races:
Keep in mind, with these four easy races, Republicans already have the majority.
This will get Republicans to the majority even if they lose Maine.
The Final three seats are longer shots, but they're very winnable.
 Think big people.


  1. Great article, curious as to why you didn't include Indiana on this list?

  2. Gotcha... I guess I still think of it as a pickup given the current inhabitant's voting record.

    1. Yup, notice I said Republicans' path, not Conservatives' path.

      There are some pretty epic uber-RINO's on this list (*cough* Heather Wilson *cough)


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