Saturday, November 3, 2012

David Barton: The Foundations of American Exceptionalism

Way, way cool:

  • The United States has the longest surviving form of government in the world.
  • Political Stability is not a natural state for a nation.
  • "The comparisons of our Government and those of Europe are like a comparison of Heaven and Hell." Thomas Jefferson
  • We've been blessed in America because we followed certain Godly principles.
  • The political leaders we think of as America's Founding Fathers didn't think of themselves that way; they thought the Pastors were Founding Fathers.
  • Taxation without Representation is grievance #17 out of 27 in the Declaration of Independence; in other words, economic complaints against the King didn't even make the first half of the list.
  • Every right presented in the Declaration of Independence was preached from the American pulpit prior to 1763.
  • Massachusetts 1647; First Public School Law in America
      • "Satan's #1 purpose is to keep us from reading scripture."
      • Grounding kids in Scripture was the whole point.
  • Jefferson and Franklin were the two least religious Founders, but they're the only ones we ever talk about when discussing the Faith of the Founders.
  • Dr. Benjamin Rush
      • "If we can get Americans to read the Bible two things will happen: 1) They'll become Christians and figure out how to have a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ [Personal Note: Amen to THAT], and 2) if Americans will obey what they read it will solve all our social problems."
  • Mulitiple Founders would read the Bible cover-to-cover once a year. 
  • John Adams' writings on Christ are waaay cool!!!
  • Abigail Adams said shed rather see John Quincy die than renounce his faith!
  • In a free market of spiritual ideas, Christianity wins every time; it's the best product.
  • For Christians, voting is a form of stewardship.
  • Luke 19:13 -- "Occupy till I come" -- Whether or not we're living in the End Times is irrelevant.
  • A Christian Nation doesn't mean you decree Christianity by law, it means Christianity has a major influence on the development of the culture.
  • George Washington asked for Chaplains for the military seven separate times during the Revolution.
  • Hebrews 11

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