Monday, November 5, 2012

Obama's Record on Radical Islam

Today is the anniversary of the Ft. Hood jihadist attack workplace violence.  Obviously, tomorrow is election day.  Given this juxtaposition, now is an appropriate time to review his record.

One Note: Whoever wins tomorrow, we need to reconfigure our strategy in this conflict.  Obviously, Obama's approach has been a treasonous disaster, but the alternatives advanced by George W. Bush and Ron Paul aren't satisfactory either.  I've outlined broad principles here.

Barack Obama has:

  • Failed to stop the Christmas Day 2009 pantybomber despite having been warned by the guy's father six weeks before the attempted attack; despite this, Janet Napoletano said 'the system worked.'
  • Supported the Terrorist Victory Monument Islamic Cultural Center at Ground Zero.
  • Failed to renegotiate our Status of Forces agreement with the Iraqi government, squandering America's hard fought victory in Iraq.
  • Speaking of which, don't get me started on how much worse the TSA has gotten under Obama; the silver lining is that, in Barack Obama's economy, people can't afford to fly anywhere in the first place.
I did this list off the top of my head, so I've probably missed some stuff; feel free to add your 'favorites' in the comments.

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