Friday, November 9, 2012

Mission #2: The Sexual Counterrevolution

"he that keepeth company with harlots spendeth his substance." Proverbs 29:3 

Since Tuesday night, a lot of ink has been spilled about how voters chose free stuff in servitude over self-reliance in freedom; Rush said it best when he said "people voted for Santa Claus."

That description is true, as far as it goes, but it misses the core.  Free stuff is the symptom, promiscuity is the disease.  People voted to maintain their sex lives.

Since the dawn of time, Utopians have used free love as a recruiting tool.  For obvious reasons, consequence free sex with multiple partners (of either gender) makes Heaven on Earth an easy sell.  As I wrote back in June, this was a deliberate strategy of Obama's Marxist fore-bearers.

But it gets worse: Sexual Promiscuity is very, very expensive (*).  That's where free stuff comes into play.  Chasing the sexual utopian dragon has many direct costs, but the most evil and insidious opportunity cost of sexual utopianism is that it undermines the discipline necessary to delay gratification.  Capitalism is based on delayed gratification.  Unfortunately, you will never sell delayed gratification and patient acquisition to a population obsessed with its next orgasm.

That's why America desperately needs a sexual counterrevolution.  The sexual revolution was a direct antecedent to the dumbing down of America's population.  We won't be able to reverse the dumbing down until we reverse the sexual revolution; that reversal needs to come from our churches, culture, and media.

Here's why there's hope: what Marxists will never tell you is that while yes, promiscuity can lead to lots of sex, most of that sex is bad.  As someone who grew up around leftists, and as a repentant little whore myself, I cannot overemphasize how much time liberals spend complaining about bad sex.  By contrast, married conservative Christians have the best sex.  Leftists might be able to muddy the waters on gross diseases and poorly timed conceptions, but they can't defend bad sex.

You can read my mini-manifesto on this topic here.

* Author's note: I learned this lesson the hard way.


  1. Good thoughts, Adam! Unfortunately, sentiment rules the roost on the Democratic side. They won't want to believe what you have to say ... even when it's too late.

  2. Get out of the bedroom. Do we really want the morons who voted for Obama because they want free contraception and gratis abortion on demand to breed more low-information voters? We lost - and Obamacare is not only the law of the land with its "free" women's healthcare but Obama will nominate at least two more liberal judges to ensure that Roe v Wade will never be overturned in our lifetime. To uphold the individual's political right to pursue happiness, we must fight for the individual's moral right to pursue his own happiness and stop judging others.

    1. Who said anything about judgement; I said we should force the left to defend bad sex.

    2. Who said anything about judgement; I said we should force the left to defend bad sex.


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