Friday, February 8, 2013

Texas Conservatives WIN: Major Changes in CSCOPE

This morning, Cahnman's Musings received almost simultaneous alerts from Americans for Prosperity and Concerned Women for America about encouraging changes in CSCOPE; according to a deal the CSCOPE directors cut with Texas Senate Education Committee chairman Dan Patrick:
The changes that take effect immediately include:
  • All future meetings of the TESCCC Governing Board, beginning with the February meeting, will be public with all the respective notice requirements being met.
  • The TESCCC will begin a joint review process of all CSCOPE lessons with the SBOE beginning with Social Studies.
  • Amendment of all Terms of Use Agreements, signed by both teachers and districts, removing civil or criminal penalties associated with the release of CSCOPE content.
  • Clarifying that all teachers and districts may post any and all CSCOPE lessons that they deem necessary.
In addition to these immediate transparency and quality control changes, CSCOPE will also undergo structural, governance, and other changes, including:
  • Ending the non-profit 501(c)3 arrangement that incorporates CSCOPE.
  • Initiating the posting of CSCOPE lesson content to their public website.
  • Creating a standing curriculum review panel, comprised of: parents, teachers, school administrators, members of the SBOE, and TESCCC board members.
This is a big win that proves what citizen activists can accomplish when we keep our focus on our local communities.

More from Senator Patrick here.

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