Saturday, February 2, 2013

Brandon Darby on Sex Trafficking in Texas

Human sex trafficking is alive and well in the state of Texas.  In other words, eleven and twelve year onld girls are getting raped and the Feds are covering it up.  Last month, we were at this talk with Brandon Darby:

  • A lot of good men and women in law enforcement care about human trafficking, but political leadership stops them.
  • This happens all the time in Texas.
  • Law enforcement whistleblowers lose their pension.
  • The culture of promotion in the FBI is based around pleasing political appointees, not merit.
  • "We're in a sad place where no one cares anymore."
  • This issue is going to have to fall to the state of Texas!!!
    • "In the state of Texas, if you're a person in Law Enforcement and you know of a child being raped and you do nothing, there are still state laws for you to contend with, Mr. FBI."
    • AMEN!!!
  • Show people the effects of illegal immigration.
    • Sex trafficking is a consequence of a porous border.
Bottom Line: Little girls are being raped in the state of Texas and the Feds are covering it up.
(h/t Women on the Wall)

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  1. Thank you Adam for being my hero today and pushing this out!! You ROCK!!!


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