Wednesday, February 27, 2013

TheBlazeTV: Five Rape Survivors Discuss Gun Control

The left loves to hide behind the victims of tragedy to advance their agenda during moments of crisis. But what do women who've actually lived this trauma think?!? The Blaze TV spent an hour talking to five women who've survived horrific assaults to find out what they think:

  • The Sandy Hook Elementary School was the target because it was the only gun-free zone in the area
    • Ditto Aurora, CO
  • Amanda Collins was a concealed carry holder was was raped because she couldn't take her firearm onto the 'gun-free zone' on her college campus.
  • Kim Weeks told her rapist that she had herpes.
    • Rapist was caught three weeks later planning his next attack.
  • Wanda Mills was attacked by a knife-wielding psycho for six hours.
  • Felicia Smith was raped by her trainer.
  • Julie White was picking up her kids from Church at noon on Wednesday.
    • "We were trapped in the Everglades with a knife-wielding maniac."
  • Three of them were not legally allowed to posses a firearm in the location where they were raped.
  • One gun can stop a serial rapist.
  • "My body was a walking crime-scene."
  • "As I was on the ground in that parking garage being straddled by my rapist, that call box could have been above my head and it wouldn't have done anything."
  • "I've never been more calm, cool, and collected than I was when I was negotiating with my rapist."
  • The notion that a woman cannot handle a gun under pressure is sexist.
  • How is it a 'War on Women' to force people to pay for birth control, but not a War on Women to refuse to allow a woman to defend herself from a rapist?!?
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