Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bureaucrats vs. Children and Taxpayers

Yesterday, a leftist judge used children as human shields to rule in support of the ongoing shakedown of Texas Taxpayers known as the 'school finance trial.'  This was expected.  The real action will be in the State Supreme Court later this year or early next.

This ruling, however, was the third opportunity Cahnman's Musings has had to observe the mendacity of education bureaucrats up close in the past week.  Education bureaucrats go to extraordinary lengths to protect what they're doing, but almost everything they do is pointless.  Educational bureaucrats are a drag on Texas' economy.

Last week, Cahnman's Musings went undercover at the Texas Association of School Administrators conference.  These are the folks who birthed CSCOPE.  These are the folks going to see Bill Ayres' gal-pal Linda Hammond on our dime.  What struck us about the conference, however, was the amount of money and time it wasted on hot air.  TASA spent three days talking (and talking, and talking) about NOTHING, they accomplished nothing, yet they held this conference on our dime.

The other opportunities were last week's CSCOPE hearing and yesterday's attempted shakedown.  In each, the bureaucrats showed little interest in addressing public concerns but a lot of interest in protecting the money.  The concept of humble public service is lost on these people.

Educational bureaucracy is a sweet boondoggle.  You get a six figure salary, at taxpayer expense, to sit around talking but you never have to accomplish anything.  You get to use children as human shields whenever anyone questions your stewardship of the people's money.  I understand why education bureaucrats go to extreme lengths to protect that kind of gig.  I just wish they would stop hiding behind children.

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