Saturday, September 28, 2013

OFFICIAL ENDORSEMENT: Donna Campbell for Re-Election!!!

Though it frightens us to say this, Cahnman's Musings has known Dr./Senator Donna Campbell for half a decade; endorsing her re-election is an easy call.

Many became aware of Donna during this past summer's abortion debate, but Dr/Senator Campbell was around long before that.  An emergency room physician, Dr./Senator Campbell entered politics in 2009 (because of Obamacare).  After losing her U.S. Congress race in 2010, Dr./Senator Campbell beat the most liberal Republican in the Texas Senate in 2012.

In the Texas Senate, Dr./Senator Campbell has been a leader on education and (obviously) pro-life issues.  On Education, Dr./Senator Campbell is assisting grassroots conservatives with the ongoing C-SCOPE whack-a-mole controversy.  She's also a longtime advocate for school choice.  On the life issue, Dr./Senator Campbell called the third point of order during Abortion Barbie's filibuster.  Donna was also one of only four Texas Senators to vote against the current profligate budget.

This is not to say, however, that Dr./Senator Campbell is perfect.  Her 'C' grade from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility was underwhelming.  Her willingness to raid the rainy day fund for 'transportation' is worrisome.  You cannot fix transportation in Texas until you fix the underlying corruption and cronyism. Until that happens, you're throwing good money after bad.

But nobody's perfect.

Donna Campbell's political story is very similar to Ted Cruz's.  Both ran in 2012 against liberal Republicans backed by every lobbyist in Austin.  Having won office the hard way, neither owes the Austin-insider crowd bupkus.

Dr./Senator Donna Campbell is a rare voice for light in the darkness of the Texas Senate.  During the 83rd Texas Legislature, she went in as a conservative citizen legislator and she came out the same way.  Cahnman's Musings wholeheartedly endorses Dr./Senator Donna Campbell for Re-Election in SD-25.

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