Monday, September 9, 2013

Barry Smitherman's Obnoxious, Transparent Tea-Party Pander

Cahnman's Musings had been meaning to comment on this over-the-top pander from Attorney General Candidate (and current Railroad Commission Chair) Barry Smitherman, but Agendawise beat us to the punch:
Smitherman spent approximately seven years in a plum appointment to the Public Utilities Commission. In 2011 he was appointed to the Railroad Commission, and in months the newbie appointee was made Chairman. This strengthened his position ahead of his first primary election, which took him a runoff to secure.

Also, his campaign finance chair is Robert Miller, a lobbyist and blogger who has been an outspoken voice of support for embattled House Speaker Joe Straus in his struggles against conservatives.


Though this is music to some people’s ears, it is the kind of noise that would get a true conservative mocked at full volume by every newspaper and ruling class voice in Texas.


When instead of a blazing fire there are a few token candles of outrage lit, but nothing uncomfortable, it is a good time to question the authenticity of the drama.

Sometimes what is not happening says much more than what is.
 Amen; read the whole thing here.

Cahnman's Musings has heard some VERY unflattering things about Smitherman's performance on the Railroad Commission; we've never looked into them, but we might now.


Update: Gross....


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