Monday, September 2, 2013

Glenn Hegar's Asinine Tax Gimmick

The pro-life, second amendment, two-step is alive and well in the comptroller's race:

Tax Holiday Weekend for Sportsmen

Glenn Hegar and Son HuntingI am proposing a new annual "Back to Hunt" tax-free weekend that will take place prior to the fall hunting season. This break from taxes will work in much the same way as the current back to school holiday that has been so successful in helping parents prepare for the school year. My goal is to help sportsmen start the season right and increase the opportunities for new hunters and fishermen to carry on this Texas tradition.
 *SIGH*....Where to begin?!?

The economics profession has something called the Permanent Income Hypothesis, which is a fancy-pants highfalutin' way of saying that people make consumption decisions based on long-term factors, not short-term stimuli; tax-free weekends are gimmicks that merely shift the timing of consumption.

This is the exact same logic that the Obama administration used in the Cash for Clunkers program; so yeah, one of our Republican candidates for Texas Comptroller (the one who deals with all the money) started his campaign with an idea so terrible it could have been thought up by Barack Obama.

Cahnman's Musings believes most second amendment enthusiasts are intelligent enough to see through this economically illiterate pandering.

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