Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Corruption and Immorality at University of Texas

Against the backdrop of a crappy football team, corruption at the University of Texas keeps coming to light:
Can UT’s reputation survive serious allegations of corruption and malfeasance? Not as long as they go unanswered.


Sadly, serious allegations have been made against UT-Austin that are causing damage to our university – ultimately devaluing the degrees we worked so hard to obtain – and the leaders sitting atop the Tower are refusing to answer them.


Recently, four serious allegations have been made that:
  1. Unqualified students have been admitted to UT-Austin and the UT School of Law based on their relationships with powerful legislators
  2. Secret – and possibly illegal – payola schemes benefited favored faculty members
  3. UT has inflated or misreported monetary gifts
  4. UT has ignored the Texas Public Information Act by withholding information from regents and the public
 Read the whole thing here.

Update: To say nothing of mediocre academics.

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