Monday, March 3, 2014

Crissy Moran: From abuse and pornography to healing in Christ

He heals the brokenhearted
And binds up their wounds.

Psalm 147:3

Crissy Moran, an ex-porn star who came to faith in Christ in 2006, sits down with Mark Driscoll in this 2012 video we discovered this morning:

  • First molested at age 4.
  • Her parents split when she was 13.
    • Father was a Pastor who became an alcoholic and abused her Mom
  • "Almost all" women in the industry were sexually abused as young girls.
  • Got pregnant at 17 and her Mom forced her to have an abortion.
    • Went through with it out of a "sense of obligation" to her mother.
    • "It broke my heart and I had nightmares for a really long time."
  • She was engaged to a guy who was addicted to Porn and told him: "One day I'm going to be the girl you look at all the time."
    • She bought her own wedding dress
  • "I sunk into depression" between shoots.
  • "I had all these people telling me I was beautiful and I'd never had that before."
  • During a shoot: "You feel like you're floating, like you're not really there."
  • 'Boyfriend' she 'dated' for 3 1/2 years: "Raped me all the time."
    • "He kept getting me pregnant and I had multiple abortions and I don't even know how many."
  • One night she cried out to the Lord, a few days later a guy she'd never met witnessed to her.
    • Immeadiately, he took her to pray and she re-dedicated her life.
    • She ditched the 'boyfriend' that night.
  • "Nobody feels sorry for the Porn Star."
  • "From where I am in my life, I just want to walk with Him."
  • Jesus is "the first man who's ever treated me well."
  • "My walk with God was very, very, very hard."

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