Monday, March 17, 2014

Texas Democrats Lie to Silence Black Woman

The Democrat-Media complex is treating Kesha Rogers like a Republican:
Following a frantic push by Texas Democratic Party hacks directly controlled by President Obama's political operation, and the expenditure of more than 3 million dollars by my opponent, the primary vote for me was suppressed on primary day, March 4, 2014.

Despite a last minute push of lying propaganda against me, I won enough votes to force a run-off, placing second, while all relevant polling showed me leading the race the week before.


To cite the current lie du jour: "Kesha Rogers supports the impeachment and execution of President Barack Obama." In my 2012 Congressional primary campaign, my campaign staff produced a video satirizing the President's narcissistic personality disorder -- a very dangerous problem for someone with his hand on the nuclear button.

Obama's operatives deliberately distorted one line in that satire to come up with the lie that I support the President's execution. No reasonable person who has listened to this video could come up with this statement of fact about it.

There is a line in the video suggesting that Obama receive a dose of sodium pentothal, or truth serum from his doctor. Obama's hacks claimed that since sodium pentothal is apparently also used in capital executions in Texas that this is what the song meant.

Really? This is what millions of dollars buys? While the suggestion concerning truth serum occurred in a satirical context which those who are literate know is not to be taken a face value --it is a joke, after all-- I have to ask at this point, what if Obama were forced to tell the truth about what he is doing and who his real sponsors are? The result would surely be immediate impeachment by an outraged citizenry.

For the record, the statement that I have called for Obama's execution is an inflammatory lie. I have not and would never call for Obama's execution. Not only do I hold all human life to be sacred --I firmly believe that Obama needs to be impeached through a political process which will re-introduce Americans to the fundamental precepts underlying our Constitution.
In other words, Texas Democrats are giving a black woman the full Sarah Palin treatment.

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