Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ken Paxton addresses the bogus ethics accusations

"He who speaks truth declares righteousness,
But a false witness, deceit."
Proverbs 12:17

Ken Paxton appeared on Mark Davis' radio show yesterday and addressed the ethics charges Team Branch has been lobbing:


  • Won 19 of top 20 GOP counties in Texas
    • Author's Note: Travis was the only exception; we need to step up our game!!!
  • On 'ethics' charges: "We always take everything seriously."
  • First Issue: Addressed it with the Securities board; they resolved it in two weeks.
    • His firm had failed to file certain paperwork in previous years.
  • Second Issue: Personal financial statement.
    • He overlooked certain charities where he wasn't particularly active but still was listed on the board.
  • "Nobody likes to make mistakes, but it happens.  All you can do is step up to the plate, take responsibility, and get your issues resolved."
  • "We took immediate responsibility and resolved both things."
  • "We're gonna stay on the issues, he's [Branch] gonna stay on personal attacks."
  • Regarding policy as AG: "The driving force for me is going to be 10th amendment issues."

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