Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Project Connect thinks we're Julia

Consider the work of God;
For who can make straight what He has made crooked?
Ecclesiastes 7:13

This morning we attended a "workshop" for Project Connect, the Central Texas 'transit coordination' authority.  We were struck by the central planning mentality and lack of humility.  Project Connect officials also had no answer to our question about why a Federal government that is already $18 Trillion in the hole could be a reliable business partner over a two decade project.

Most telling, however, was the video they showed to introduce the presentation.  In 2012, Barack Obama's re-election campaign put out a video entitled "the life of Julia," a faceless entity who went from cradle to grave relying on government programs and subsidies.  Today's Project Connect video used nearly identical artwork, which underlines the nearly identical mentality.

Judge for Yourself:

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