Thursday, May 22, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Ken Paxton -- The Cahnman's Musings Interview

"Therefore by their fruits you will know them".
Matthew 7:20

Cahnman's Musings spoke with Ken Paxton this morning; listen to the recording below:

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  • When Obama came into office changed from focusing on state issues to having to deal with a lot of Federal Issues.
  • "I felt compelled by that cause, the Tenth Amendment, [that] has become much more relevant to the states over the past six years."
  • Will not back down from Tenth Amendment issues even if there's a Republican President.
    • "The Tenth Amendment is critical to the way that our country was designed to operate."
  • "The only good thing Obama has brought about has been the impetus for states to begin to assert the Tenth Amendment."
  • "Transparency and Accountability are important in every aspect of government"
    • Passed legislation to put all state contracts online.
  • A.G.'s job is to follow and implement laws so: "I'll do whatever I can with the laws that are available to me to make sure that there is transparency at the University of Texas and anywhere in government."
  • "If anyone is getting in that isn't qualified, then I think that's an abuse of the process and I think it needs to be looked into and I think people need to be held accountable, and I think we need to stop the process."
  • "I think it's key that legislators, just like everyone else, follow whatever the normal process go and abuse your power to go around the system, I think that's a problem."
  •  Local Government Debt: "We will carefully review and make sure that the law is being followed and that they're complying with everything they're supposed to comply with under state law."
  • "I've been a big proponent of the SBOE maintaining its independence."
  •  Donor Intimidation: "I think it's a real problem, I think it's a constitutional problem if the Texas Ethics Commission does it, just like if the legislature does it, you're going to run into constitutional issues of Free Speech; it would be difficult for an Attorney General to defend something like that that I believe is unconstitutional."
    • "I would definitely encourage them [the T.E.C] not to do it, because it will only lead to more controversy and will be found to be a problem."

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