Tuesday, March 24, 2015

First Amendment Tuesday: Week 10

"and for me, that utterance may be given to me, that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the gospel,"
Ephesians 6:19

First Amendment Tuesday hit it's high-water mark for attendance this session earlier today.

Tony McDonald (Empower Texans):

  • Citizen activists are not lobbyists.
  • Amendment process
    • You can't do it with any bill.
    • Prevents Massive "Christmas Tree" bills a. la. D.C.
    • Bills have to be limited to one topic.
    • Ultimately, the members decide a point of order.
  • Members frequently leave legislation pending after a committee hearing; you shouldn't get suspicion until it's been left pending over a week.

  • Religious liberty amendment borrows language from Hobby Lobby case.
  • Religious liberty involves telling government TO STOP ACTIVITY.
  • Jason Villalba dropped religious liberty amendment, Matt Krause picked it up.
  • Bill in State Affairs on Marriage tomorrow.

  • Recaps toll and marriage rallies.
  • "Without marriage, America implodes."
  • HB 1745 by Bell, hearing tomorrow.
  • American laws for American Courts (ALAC) getting hearing today.
    • 10 other states have passed it.
  • "A test is valuable, an 'assessment' is devious."

  • CWA also supports ALAC.
  • ALAC is about protecting women.
  • School choice hearing at 9AM Thursday.

  • Parental rights restoration
    • Protects single parents.
    • Grandparents frequently do this in cases of homeschooling.

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