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BANNED BY KICKSTARTER: Pro-Life Texas launches Stolen Moments series....

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;
Before you were born I sanctified you;
I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”
Jeremiah 1:5

Remember Stolen Moments?!?  They were the second pro-Life film shut down by Kickstarter last year.  Having successfully raised the money necessary, they released their first film last week:

The video was accompanied by this press release:
Banned Pro-Life Kickstarter Video Releases First In Series
Stolen Moments Gives Face To Aborted
Lewisville, Texas: Today, February 24rd,Pro-Life Texas released the first short video in their Stolen Moments series. The series was created to give a face to “the lives ended by abortion” according to producer Jason Vaughn.
I wanted something different that made people think of those aborted as not just blobs of tissue or distorted faces on a sonogram. These were people that had a life and future taken from them and from the world,” said writer Andrew Koch.
Koch had written the original script as a young teenager and after working with Vaughn at the “Let Texas Speak” rally during the abortion bill debate in the summer of 2013 he passed it on Vaughn.
We spent a few months going back and forth getting it right. I kept cutting off as many words as possible to get it under a minute, but Andrew's vision lead the way for it,” Vaughn said.
After finally getting the script done the pair went to launch on crowd-funding site Kickstarter, but were rejected. Since they seemed to have followed the sites rules and the site had abortion advocacy films they couldn't figure out the problem.
The rejection came came days after a film on convicted serial-killer/abortionist Kermit Gosnell was also rejected though several abortion advocacy were funded on Kickstarter. Both the Gosnell Movie and Stolen Moments gained national attention for the seeming discrepancies in Kickstarter policies. The projects moved to Indiegogo and were fully funded.
Kickstarter Founder, Yancey Silver, did reach out and apologize to the Stolen Moments crew and even gave a small donation to back another creative project the producer funded on Kickstarter.
We were thrilled to work with Indiegogo to raise the funds needed to start our campaign. Crowd-funding has been huge to help creative messages on both sides of the spectrum to get out and promote open and free speech. It allowed a bunch of people with $25 donations get involved as much as those with several thousands. Every donation mattered to getting this series off the ground,” said Vaughn.
Just under 100 people donated to the Stolen Moments Campaign on Indiegogo.
This was the pairs first film and said after receiving the funding they started on finding the crew, actors, and post-production crew.
It's such a short project, but we wanted to get this first one right so we didn't rush. Also, Andrew and I were both every involved in different elections and dedicated much of our time to that until November,” Vaughn said.
The video goes through five different characters telling about the lives they might have had and ends with one little girl asking the audience to “fight for me” as she fades away.
While this first commercial has a serious tone Vaughn said he hopes that future shorts will be lighter and even funny.
It's a serious topic, but we want to take some risks and see if we can get people to think about those humorous moments we've missed out on with one third of my generation due to abortion. If we can't get to funny, maybe we can create that bittersweet memory that resonates,” Vaughn said.
The Stolen Moments video is available on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook at Koch and Vaughn hope the audience will share it online, and at church or group meetings.
If it makes one person think about their options and what may be lost if they get an abortion then it's a success beyond measure and well worth the efforts of all involved,” Vaughn concluded.
Vaughn and Koch will be sending out their first video online and hope to raise the funds to continue the series and look into documentaries as well as submitting it to a number of film festivals.
About Pro-Life Texas: Pro-Life Texas was created in the summer of 2013 to inform people about the pro-life omnibus bill in the Texas legislature. Founder, Jason Vaughn, created the “Let Texas Speak” rally with other pro-life organizations around the state. Today, the goal of Pro-Life Texas is to train pro-life political activists in conservative groups and churches, endorse “Life and Liberty” candidates, and create “out of the box” pro-life media and events. For information or to get involved e-mail
Texas Right to Life has more here.

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  1. In this day and age we need more stories/projects like this shining a light to the darkness of abortion. I love what this project so much because it shares the theme of my last novel 'Salvation Crossing,' a story that stars a firefighter who 'could have done so much' if he was only given the chance.

    God bless this great project and all those to follow.


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