Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wallace Hall at NE Tarrant Tea Party

"The wicked flee when no one pursues,
But the righteous are bold as a lion.?
Proverbs 28:1

Wallace Hall spoke to the NE Tarrant Tea Party last week; start with Hall's prepared remarks:

  • "There hasn't been a lot to be optimistic about" in Texas govt. the past few years.
  • "Being a Regent is a significant responsibility that should be taken very serious [sic]."
  • "It is not sufficient to treat the role of regent as an honorary post."
  • $15 billion annual budget, over 200k students in full UT system.
  • "It is critical that the funding under our direction is not wasted."
  • Insisted on following National Accounting Standards.
    • UT restated their financials by over $200 million.
    • Author's Note: Personally, out of all the UT scandals Wallace has uncovered, we think this one is the worst. 
  • Blew the whistle on "forgivable loan" program.
  • Sought "proper compliance with the Texas Public Information Act."
    • "Incredibly, three years after this effort has begun, the project remains a work in progress."
  • Procurement irregularities related to no-bid contracts.
  • The admissions stuff.
  • "The most prominent attempt to stop me was in the form of a campaign by House speaker Joe Straus to impeach me."
  • Bill Powers created "a phalanx of defenders."
  • For the past 10 years, UT Austin has "languished."
  • "Regents are either too intimidated or disinterested to perform their regental duties, this is made worse when board members see it as their duty to block honest inquiry because they fear exposing friends and/or politicians."
  • "It is one thing for board members to sit by while others ask uncomfortable questions (or, in other words, perform their duties), it is something else for board members to encourage opposition to other board members who ask uncomfortable questions."
    • "Unfortunately, that is what is taking place on our board."
    • "Our board leadership consistently has pushed for more and more rule changes that restrict, if not make impossible, efforts by Regents to obtain information."
  • Only gets: "Spoon-fed, redacted, information."
  • "Opacity is our enemy."
  • Runs through Criminalization of Politics

  • Perry was very insistent that costs were too high.
  • No idea he would find what he found heading in.
  • "The big pink building" was when he couldn't function as a fiduciary.
  • Stickland: "They knew the message, they just reject conservative principles."
  • Gene Powell "was terrific."
  • Cranberg, Pejovich also "terrific."
  • "Senator Zaffirini would make some condescending comment to the press."
  • Stickland: UT gave an "incredible" spread to legislators.
    • "Amazing to me" how many people this was the only issue they cared about.
    • They kept impeachment "completely away from Jonathan Stickland."
  • Value of a discretionary seat at UT-Austin has increased tremendously over the past two decades.
  • UT-Austin: 24,000 employees for 50,000 students.
    • "I still don't know the answer for that."
  • Straus' offer: Walked over to Gov's [Perry] office and said 7 reasons to impeach.
    • Jessie Ancira called Perry's Chief of Staff and said the whole thing would go away if Wallace resigned.
  • Wallace: "Governor Perry has been a stalwart."
    • Stickland: "On this issue."
  • "Our board never got to speak to the [Kroll] investigators."
  • The Board has never discussed admissions or the Kroll report.
  • Gets anonymous calls and e-mails "frequently."
  • Stickland plugs Bo French.
  • Stickland: UT still stonewalling the Lege.
  • Stickland: Establishment tries to make examples out of ringleaders.
  • "If they don't do what they said somehow there's this really complicated explanation...."
  • "There's no use trying to persuade people once they've gone down that path, all you can do is replace them."
  • Tenure reform something else the Board hasn't discussed.

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  1. The particular story of the UT scandal has all the elements of a great account — villains, idol, battle associated with good versus evil, problem, favors, crisis & suspense. All we end up needing now will be the happy stopping, right? However waiting in that. For the time being, you can hear the actual saga right from our own hero’s lips. It’s an account you won't need to, and shouldn't, forget.


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