Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Thomas McNutt / Byron Cook updates

"A man who has friends must himself be friendly,
But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother."
Proverbs 18:24

Big news out of Corsicana:
Today I'm proud to announce the endorsement of Cathie Adams, a former chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.


"Thomas McNutt is one of the strongest conservative candidates I've met across the entire state. I am so excited about his candidacy and his passion for conservative principles. I am encouraging all of my conservative friends across Texas to support Thomas!" - Cathie Adams
Meanwhile, Empower Texans begins to detail Byron Cook's shenanigans on sanctuary cities:
Last session, State Rep. Pat Fallon (R-Frisco) filed HB 4117, which would have banned cities from adopting laws prohibiting governmental entities under their jurisdiction from cooperating with federal authorities to curb illegal immigration. The bill was read and immediately sent to State Affairs, where Cook let it die without a hearing.
Next, Texas Right to Life:
Byron Cook inexplicably took upon himself the mission of dismantling the Pro-Life agenda of the Texas Legislature – in some cases singlehandedly.

One of the many stains on Cook’s dismal record from the 84th Legislative Session was his sabotage of SB 575. Senate Bill 575 would have prohibited insurance plans from paying for abortions. Cook sabotaged this common-sense measure by purposely stalling the bill for two weeks, and then demanding the bill be weakened beyond recognition prior to allowing passage out of his Committee and onto the House floor. Because of Cook’s decisive anti-Life actions, the deaths of preborn Texans will continue to be footed by insurance premiums paid by Pro-Life Texans who denounce the practice.

Sadly, the preborn are not the only group of vulnerable Texans Cook abandoned during session. Cook also worked against legislation that would protect hospital patients from being killed by their doctors under the legal protection of the Texas Advance Directives Act (TADA). Cook again served as the primary impediment to Pro-Life Priority Bills when he categorically denied even holding a hearing for two patient protection bills (HB 2949 and HB 3414). These widely supported bills had numerous co-authors and the support of many Pro-Life groups, as measures that would have protected vulnerable patients from secret or unwanted Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders and from the removal of Life-sustaining treatment based on anti-Life “quality of life” ethics.
 How many children will die because Byron Cook played politics with pro-life legislation?!?

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