Monday, August 31, 2015

Sarah Davis...anti-Second Amendment?!?

"Every one of the builders had his sword girded at his side as he built. And the one who sounded the trumpet was beside me."
Nehemiah 4:18

It's a well known fact that, despite labeling herself a "Republican," Rep. Sarah Davis (R - Houston) is against human life and for government spending.  For that reason, she's a prominent Joe Straus lieutenant.  But where does she stand on the Second Amendment?!?

In theory, Davis can claim to be pro-Second Amendment.  This past session, she voted for final passage of both campus carry and open carry.  She's even been endorsed by the NRA!!! (*)

But where does she stand when nobody's looking?!?

As a trusted Joe Straus lieutenant, Sarah Davis sits on the Calendars Committee.  SB 11, the Campus Carry bill, was considered in the Calendars Committee on Sunday, May 21st 2015.  How did Sarah Davis vote?!?

[NOTE: Patricia Harless was also a Republican who voted against the bill, but she's retiring.]

Davis also played games with the bill during floor debate.

Bottom Line: While a case can be made that Davis is the best Republican you can get out of that district, there's no reason for her to sit on powerful committees.  Yet there she was, perfectly positioned to vote against campus carry when no one was looking.  And that's only because Joe Straus put her there.


* -- Which, on a slightly related note, illustrates the uselessness of the NRA.

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