Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Conservative #TXLEGE members dish some SERIOUS Dirt....

"Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world."
1 Peter 5:9

During Tribfest a couple weeks back, several of the most conservative members of the legislature gave a revealing look into how things work in Austin:

[Author's Note: The most interesting stuff is in the second half...not coincidentally, that's when Stickland starts talking.]


  • Patrick (and changing the 2/3rds rule) was the only reason tax relief passed.
  • Lege didn't do NEARLY enough on illegal immigration.
  • Most of the crony stuff is still there.
  • Real spending caps died in the House.
  • House leadership killed several pro-life bills.
  • Burton: Pre-K "the wrong direction."
  • Burton: Even with the 2/3rds rule gone, "you still have to get through" committee chairs.
  • Rinaldi: "The House absolutely did kill a bunch of great things the Senate passed."
  • Spending caps, school choice, and pro-life examples of things that passed Senate and died in House.
  • Stickland: "I have not served in the Texas House with a Republican who campaigned as a moderate."
  • Klick: It's getting harder to do one thing in Austin and say something different at home.
  • Stickland (re: Straus): "It's not so much about Joe in particular as much as who he's chosen to enable."
  • Byron Cook told Stickland the in-state tuition bill wouldn't get a hearing.
  • Straus micromanaged his own team to the point where they weren't having fun.
  • Stickland calls B.S. on the notion Straus rules "by the will of the members."
  • Burton on Seniority: "The longer you're here, the less perks you should get...."
  • Stickland: "Well over 30 self-described movement conservatives" running in GOP primary.
  • Stickland: Voters are madder and better informed than ever before.
  • Bettencourt on Annise Parker: "She has the most failed record: of any mayor in U.S.
  • Burton: Cities are actually "political subdivisions" of state.

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