Saturday, October 3, 2015

U.T. Politburo picks a fight with Patrick

"Pride goes before destruction,
And a haughty spirit before a fall."
Proverbs 16:18

They really ARE that arrogant.

Yesterday, in a 7-2 vote (Wallace Hall and Alex Cranberg voting Nay), the University of Texas Board of Regents did the following:
UT institutions get first go-ahead in four years to propose tuition increases
AUSTIN —The UT System Board of Regents authorized UT institutions to present proposals for increases to tuition and fees for fiscal years 2017 and 2018 at a special-called board meeting Friday. 
Most UT System in-state undergraduate students have seen little to no increase in tuition since fall 2012 and no increases in mandatory student fees since 2011. However, Chancellor William H. McRaven said the System’s academic institutions now are facing the need for significant additional resources because of the increase in costs associated with operating a university campus and the decline in per-student state appropriations over the last decade. 
“Maintaining and increasing access to a college education remains one of our guiding missions. It is a mission shared by our legislators, who offered significant additional support for higher education in the last session. But even with this state funding, our institutions – which have done a tremendous job of increasing efficiency and holding the line on costs – have reached a breaking point,” McRaven said. “If we want UT institutions to continue to be nationally competitive against their peers and offer a top-notch education, we have to provide them with more financial flexibility.”
 They did so in direct defiance of Lt. Governor Patrick, who had stated the day before:
"It is my hope, instead of looking at ways to potentially raise tuition in the future, they will look for ways to make college education more affordable for students and families across Texas. I encourage them to remember that we must keep the cost of college tuition at a level that is within reach of all Texans. With the dramatic increase in funding from the legislature this session, I am surprised that they are already looking at ways to raise tuition on students."
They did so at a time when the football team is 1-3 (*).

They did so at a time when the University is middle of the pack (at best) in Academics.

They did so at a time when they've been given historic levels of Funding from the legislature, an additional slush fund, and when they have the second largest endowment in the nation.

It's NEVER enough, because these people's avarice, corruption, and greed knows no limits.

Still, this could be a turning point.

The Texas Senate has TREMENDOUS authority over the state's public universities.  Senator Charles Schwertner's tuition deregulation repeal bill could easily become a priority.  And let's not forget, four of the candidates running for the open seat in SD-24 have already expressed a willingness to vote against Governor Abbott's next round of Regent nominees.

And yes, we did predict this EXACT chain of events back in March.

Bottom Line: It's their funeral.

(*) -- NOTE: This post was written shortly before kickoff of the TCU game today.  It doesn't take it into account.  That being said, if they lose to TCU today (which seems likely), it applies all the more so to a 1-4 team.

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