Friday, October 16, 2015

Travis County Republicans UNANIMOUSLY Reject Courthouse Bond

"There is desirable treasure,
And oil in the dwelling of the wise,
But a foolish man squanders it."
Proverbs 21:20

Andy at Travis Tracker has the scoop:
The Travis County Republican Party voted unanimously to oppose a new civil courthouse bond Wednesday evening (Oct. 14), citing tax concerns and access as their reasons to be firmly against.

The county party received immediate media attention when it joinedTravis County Taxpayers Union as the primary forces dedicated to stopping the $287 bond proposal dead in its tracks. The gauntlet has been thrown.

We include the full text of the resolution -- including a related resolution opposing an opulent dog shelter bond proposal in Pflugerville, below (even the Mayor thinks its extravagant, at nearly $1,000 per animal).
Read the whole thing here.


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