Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wallace Hall speaks IN DAN FLYNN'S DISTRICT!!!

"And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart."
Galatians 6:9

Last night, Wallace Hall spoke in Dan Flynn's district to inform Flynn's constituents of his activities on behalf of Joe Straus' impeachment committee:

  • All of his kids have been attending U.T. this entire time.
  • "Rot...manifests itself in our political class."
  • "I expect to disagree with people on the opposite side of issues, I don't expect to be misled by people on my side who tell us one thing and do another."
  • "Texas is a red state, how in the world are we being governed by moderates?!?"
  • Straus holds power: "by the unanimous support of the Democrats in the Texas House."
  • "I consider a vote for Speaker Straus to be a vote for sanctuary cities."
  • "I care deeply about education."
  • Nobody criticizes what he's found.
  • UT- Austin is the only system institution where he's had a problem, the other 13 system institutions have been fine.
  • Flynn's Chief of Staff lied about impeachment committee finding forgivable loan program.
  • Spring 2013: "I asked for two sets of data."

  • "I had asked for all open records to be put online."
    • "I've been working on this since February 2011."
    • Still hasn't happened.
  • "I made a request for communication between the President [Powers] and politicians."
    • "When this happened, some of the most powerful politicians in the state came after me."
    • Dewhurst, Jim Pitts, Dan Branch, Zaffirini, Seliger.
    • "They trolled Dallas looking for dirt on me and my family."
    • "I received some very aggressive e-mails."
  • Paul Foster ambushed him and asked for his resignation.
  • Straus instigated impeachment: "To protect his members."
  • Flynn's impeachment committee: "I was denied the right to council" and other cross examination.
  • Flynn refused to subpeona him, which would have allowed him to testify fully.
  • "I call what Dan Flynn did a gross abuse of his power and a kick in the teeth to all Texans who are the rightful owners of our government."
  • Flynn's committee mostly met in secret.

  • Straus offered Perry a corrupt bargain and Perry declined.
  • Straus sent the Travis County DA after him.
  • Sharphorn found "a huge disparity" in admissions notes to prospective students with letters.
  • "If indicted, at least I would have a public trial."
  • Investigation only moved forward because a whistleblower came forward to Cigarroa.
  • Powers is now the highest paid member of UT law school faculty.
  • Vote Bryan Slaton.

  • The House didn't have the nerve to impeach.
  • Impeachment committee tried to bait him into committing crimes.
  • "The fact that they didn't indict me is unbelievable."
  • McRaven blew off the Kroll Report.

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