Friday, January 29, 2016

REPUBLICAN Travis County Commissioners Court (Precinct 3) candidates Face Off....

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;
But when a wicked man rules, the people groan."
Proverbs 29:2

This past Monday, the two Republican candidates for Travis County Commissioners Court Precinct 3 (Western Travis County), small businessman Jason Nassour and decade long incumbent Gerald Daugherty, squared off in their first debate; this video speaks for itself:

  • Question #1: Affordability/Property Taxes.
    • Daugherty: I'm not sure it's going to get better.
      • Against Certificates of Obligation.
      • Move civil cases to criminal courthouse that sits empty all afternoon.
      • Sell county property within city limits and build big county facility FOR CASH in unincorporated area.
  • Question #2: Eastside Courthouse.
    • Daugherty: Downtown lawyers want the courthouse downtown
      • Author's Note: YES, he actually SAID THAT!!!
      • Author's Note II: Who cares what the downtown lawyers want?!?
      • Certificates of Obligation "are necessary" if used "judiciously."
    • Nassour: Great idea to build east.
      • "I would not acquiesce" to downtown lawyers.
      • "We have assets we can liquidate."
  • Ronnie Earle Building: Daugherty tries to deny he made the motion to approve the funds.  Nassour calls BS.  Nassour points out he's posted the public record to his Facebook page:

  • Courthouse: Daugherty tries to claim he's a hero for sending it to the voters in the first place.
  • Question 3: County Jail and ICE.
    • Nassour: ICE is fine there.
      • "If they are unlawfully in this country" we need to detain them.
    • Daugherty: Only supporter of Greg Hamilton on current court.
  • T.J.: Why haven't we seen you at GOP events?!?
    • Daugherty: Attacks TJ and gets defensive.
    • Nassour: I was running my business up until a few months ago when I decided to run for office; pledges to attend as many local Republican events as possible in the event he's elected.
    • Daughery uses the Bob Bennett excuse to prove his conservative bona fides.
  • Our Question: SH 45.
    • Daugherty: Ribbon cutting soon.
    • Nassour: Gerald's done a good job with that one specific project, but we need a much bigger transportation expansion.
      • Should have been an outside lawsuit sooner.
  • Final question: Why you?!?
    • Nassour: Energy, Drive, Passion
    • Daugherty: Experience.

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