Saturday, January 30, 2016

Lame attack against Matt Rinaldi Falls Flat....

"This is the way of those who are foolish,
And of their posterity who approve their sayings."
Psalm 49:13

[Matt Rinaldi's Opponent] Attacks Gun Owners
Why do [Matt Rinaldi's opponent] and his political operatives oppose law abiding gun owners?
This is the first question I asked myself when I read the atrocious mailer sent out by [Matt Rinaldi's opponent's] political supporters this week.
The ad labeled all gun owners as “potential criminals and attacked me for an amendment that Sen. Don Huffines and I authored which set in statute the existing Constitutional requirement that gun owners who open carry may not be detained unless there is reasonable suspicion they have committed a crime. The amendment protected gun owners from harassment by anti-gun groups and police from potential lawsuits. The piece deceptively claims I “joined Democrats” in voting for the amendment. It passed the House 133-10, with EVERY Republican voting in favor.
Sen. Huffines said of the despicable attack, “You received a mailer yesterday with a number of misrepresentations. But the worst was the attack for a pro-gun amendment Matt and I worked on together to protect law abiding gun owners. [Matt Rinaldi's opponent] is so desperate to cover his own liberal record that he is spreading lies about Rep. Rinaldi. Please look past the false attacks and remember that Matt Rinaldi was ranked the most conservative legislator in Texas for a reason.”
Another bill characterized as “making it legal to resist arrest” did nothing of the sort. It merely clarified that a resisting arrest charge was required to be based on a legal arrest, as it was under long-standing Texas common law. The other listed bills I opposed posed a greater danger to innocent citizens than the criminals they were intended to target, and some were so poorly drafted they didn’t even get a committee hearing in the Senate.
I am proud to support law enforcement and to be endorsed by the two former police officers serving in the Texas House, Rep. Phil King and Chairman of the Committee on Emerging Issues in Law Enforcement, Rep. Allen Fletcher, each of whom served with myself and Bennett Ratliff. I was also proud to support those officers who made the ultimate sacrifice for our protection by co-authoring HB1278, signed into law by Gov. Abbott, which doubled the death benefit paid to the families of officers killed in the line of duty.
Bottom Line: Matt Rinaldi supports due process and the rule of law.  The amendment in question would have protected Fourth Amendment rights from overzealous government bureaucrats.  For Matt Rinaldi's opponent to make this attack in the first place illustrates the degree to which Matt Rinaldi's opponent subscribes to the belief 'government knows best.'

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