Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fleshing out UT's $50 million "venture fund"....

"He who is greedy for gain troubles his own house,
But he who hates bribes will live."
Proverbs 15:27

[Author's Note: We've had our issues with the UT open records process over the years, but in this case they responded within three business days with this very helpful list and we want to commend and thank them for doing so while avoiding the Attorney General process.]

Following our post last week about the UT "venture fund" we submitted several related open records requests to the system; they began to reply yesterday with this summary of the disbursements:

UTHF portfolio summary


CompanyOriginating UT InstitutionInvestment DateAmount InvestedInvestment RoundInvestment Vehicle
Cerevast TherapeuticsUTHSC-HAug-12$100,007Series CPreferred Stock
LatakooUTSAOct-12$200,000NoteConvertible Note
FibeRioUTPANov-12$999,999Series CPreferred Stock
Apollo EndosurgeryUTMBDec-12$999,999Series BPreferred Stock
Rapamycin HoldingsUTHSC-SADec-12$250,000SeedCommon Stock
CardiovateUTSAJan-13$50,000NoteConvertible Note
M-87UTAUSJan-13$500,000NoteConvertible Note
PLxUTHSC-HJan-13$400,000Series GPreferred Stock
MicroTransponderUTDMay-13$336,370Series B-1Preferred Stock
Lung TherapeuticsUTHSC-TJul-13$300Pre-SeedCommon & Preferred Stock
Rapamycin HoldingsUTHSC-SAJul-13$121,976SeedConvertible Note
EMIT CorporationUTHSC-HSep-13$430,000Series APreferred Stock
Lung TherapeuticsUTHSC-TSep-13$100,000Note trancheConvertible Note
M-87UTAUSDec-13$200,000Series APreferred Stock
Lynx LabsUTAUSMar-14$100,000NoteConvertible Note
Lung TherapeuticsUTHSC-TApr-14$100,000Note trancheConvertible Note
Molecular MatchUTMDACCJul-14$593,767Series APreferred Stock
Aeglea BioTherapeuticsUTAUSJul-14$1,000,000Series APreferred Stock
Apollo EndosurgeryUTMBAug-14$1,499,999Series CPreferred Stock
Lung TherapeuticsUTHSC-TSep-14$100,000Note trancheConvertible Note
Lung TherapeuticsUTHSC-TJan-15$100,000Note tranchePreferred Stock
M-87UTHSC-TFeb-15$594,635Series BConvertible Note
Aeglea BioTherapeuticsUTHSC-TMar-15$1,200,000Series BPreferred Stock
Decisio HealthUTHSC-HMay-15$475,000NoteConvertible Note
Admittance TechnologiesUTHSC-SAJun-15$224,999Series APreferred Stock
FibeRioUTPAJul-15$170,000Series A-1Preferred Stock
Lung TherapeuticsUTHSC-TAug-15$100,000Note tranchePreferred Stock
Apollo EndosurgeryUTMBSep-15$350,909BridgeConvertible Note
MicroTransponderUTDOct-15$311,318Series CPreferred Stock
Alafair BiosciencesUTAUSFeb-16$399,998Series A/A-1Preferred Stock
Aeglea BioTherapeuticsUTAUSApr-16$2,000,000IPOCommon Stock
Decisio HealthUTHSC-HApr-16$538,723Series A-2Preferred Stock
Lung TherapeuticsUTHSC-TApr-16$249,999Series BPreferred Stock
Accordion HealthUTAUSMay-16$100,000SeedConvertible Note


It will take us awhile to go through all the companies that received funds, but if readers want to help save time and by crowd-sourcing this project they are welcome to look into the entities listed in the "company" column and they can e-mail us anything they discover at

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