Thursday, June 9, 2016

State Bar places Jana Duty ON PROBATION!!!

"For the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful
Have opened against me;
They have spoken against me with a lying tongue."
Psalm 109:2

The awful outgoing Williamson County DA, who first came to our attention when she tried to send some poor kid to prison for life for a couple pot brownies and subsequently got busted suppressing evidence in a capital murder trial, has gotten a small taste of what she so richly deserves:
The State Bar of Texas has placed Williamson County District Attorney Jana Duty on probation for 18 months. Duty will still be able to practice law but will have to comply with the terms of her probation. She was not immediately available for comment Monday.

The probation is for professional misconduct in connection to the Crispin Harmel case, according to a probated suspension judgment from the State Bar. It put Duty on probation starting June 1 and ending Nov. 30, 2017, according to its website.

A district judge ruled that Duty had withheld evidence in the case that ended in a mistrial.

[h/t: Lawerence Person's Battleswarm Blog]
Truthfully, she deserves far worse, but this is a start; read the whole thing here.

Duty lost in the March primary to (Cahnman's Musings endorsed) Shawn Dick; Dick will assume office in January.

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  1. This is wrong in so many ways, Her Law License should be taken, she betrayed the people who Elected her..There is probable Cronyism going on here! This should be investigated NOW..Like the whole dept. we've had enough of this....


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