Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cruz: Dangers of U.S. surrendering internet protocols to international bureaucrats.....

"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them."
Ephesians 5:11

[Author's Note: While Senator Cruz focuses on the security aspects, there's also an economic component that bears consideration.  Will turning internet protocols over to 'international' bureaucrats lead to regulatory capture by incumbent industries?!?  In a post-AirBnB, post-Uber world it doesn't take a genius to see how horribly the untended consequences of this sort of move could backfire.]

We don't often get involved on Federal issues, but this one's important; kudos to Senator Cruz:


  • "[The internet] wasn't invented by any politician."
  • "It was invented by the ingenuity of the American people with the financial support of American taxpayers."
  • "Since the internet's inception, the United States' government has stood guard over critical internet functions; in almost any other country that power could have been used to deny internet access to websites that were deemed politically undesirable."
  • "Because of the first amendment to the constitution...the United States' government; as long a it has authority to oversee the infrastructure of the internet, has a duty to ensure that no website is denied internet access on account of the ideas it espouses."
  • In 16 days, USG relinquishing "historic guardianship" in favor of international body.
  • ICANN = Global bureaucracy with blurred lines of authority.
  • "Sadly, ICANN officials have already begun showing extraordinary affinity for China; the world's worst abuser of internet freedom."
  • Reporters weren't allowed to cover ICANN conference.
  • "Why risk it?!?"
  • "What is the problem that is trying to be solved here?!?"

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