Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What's at stake for Senators in tomorow's UT confirmation hearing....

"He who covers his sins will not prosper,
But whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy."
Proverbs 28:13

That was quick:

In 25 years following politics, we've never seen a case of the fix being in like this one.  The indefatigable Jon Cassidy has a good summary of the dirty politics here.  Suffice to say, at this point, comparisons to House of Cards are appropriate.

But while we could justifiably focus on the past, let's consider what confirming these regents will mean over the next two years.

In 2015, when the Texas Senate confirmed three equally wretched nominees, we predicted they would raise tuition.  Three months later, in a private conversation at the Texas Republican Assembly state convention, we also predicted to chairman Brian Birdwell that UT would gut the campus carry law.  Both of those predictions materialized.

[Author's Note: We did not, however, predict the "Cocks not Glocks" protest...but it's worth pointing out that happened since the last round of Regental confirmations.]

So let's consider what is likely to happen in the next two years after if the Senate confirms these regents:

  • They are GOING to raise tuition again.
  • Political correctness is going to get a lot worse.  With Trump in the White House, alongside university leadership that has never shown any interest in reigning them in, the SJW's won't be able to help themselves.  We cannot stress it enough, this is the campus that gave us "Cocks not Glocks."
  • We can't shake the feeling that there's yet another financial scandal out there that what we've seen so far; we have no specific knowledge, but something at UTIMCO stinks.
And if the Texas Senate gives the UT Politburo a free pass, which is what confirming these regents amounts to, then every individual Senator who voted for confirmation will own the results.

Think about that: There are 13 months between now and the next Republican primary.  That's 13 additional months for the geniuses who brought us "Cocks not Glocks" to fall into deeper into hysteria without any adult supervision.  Would you want to be a Republican Senator running for re-election in March 2018 with a vote to give the UTs politburo a free pass on your record?!?

Bottom Line: If the Texas Senate confirms these regents, politically correct absurdity at the University of Texas will get a lot worse, and every senator who voted aye on confirmation will own it.

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