Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Governor FoxNews' 'Hiring Freeze' riddled with 'exemptions'....

"He who walks with integrity walks securely,
But he who perverts his ways will become known."
Proverbs 10:9

But of course:
In a memo sent to state agency heads, Abbott’s budget director Steven Albright said agencies may obtain a waiver from the governor’s office “on a case-by-case basis.” And jobs that have a “direct impact on public safety” are exempt.

Abbott’s office said Tuesday that the Department of Family and Protective Services is also exempt. That will allow reform efforts involving the state’s foster care system and Child Protective Services to continue. As Abbott noted in his speech, more than 100 children died in the Child Protective Services system last year.

“We need more workers, with better training, smarter strategies and real accountability, to safeguard our children,” he said.

Also exempt are agencies that are under the direction of other statewide elected officials, such as the Attorney General’s Office, the Texas Department of Agriculture and the Texas Supreme Court.
It gets better, check this gem out:
Universities are included in the freeze, according to Abbott's office. But an official there did say that positions that are funded by money that didn’t come from state appropriations are exempt. Only about 30 percent of the money going into public four-year universities in Texas is state funding, so it’s likely that some university hiring will be able to continue.
Translation: The University of Texas can continue to do whatever the heck it wants so long as it can plausibly launder the money.

Read the whole thing here.

Bottom Line: Actions speak louder than words.

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