Friday, February 3, 2017

Where are the Texas House's Committee Assignments?!?

"They are deeply corrupted,
As in the days of Gibeah.
He will remember their iniquity;
He will punish their sins."
Hosea 9:9

Confession: The headline of this post was a rhetorical question.

The Texas legislature has now been in session for 24 days out of 140.

Texas Senate committee assignments have now been out for two weeks.

The Texas Senate has already moved two of the Governor's priorities out of committee.

Meanwhile, the Texas House has yet to assign committees and it stands adjourned until Monday at 2pm.

Remember, in the Texas Legislature, the biggest enemy is the clock.  On day 140, everything stops. Delay is death.

Of course, this is deliberate, both to kill good bills and to enable bad bills to pass in the chaotic environment this will produce in May.


Speaker Joe Straus: (512) 463-1000

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