Monday, June 26, 2017

Awful short-term clouds with fantastic medium-term silver linings....

"Do horses run on rocks?
Does one plow there with oxen?
Yet you have turned justice into gall,
And the fruit of righteousness into wormwood,"
Amos 6:12

From time to time (typically about once a quarter), this author will take a Sunday afternoon walk around the UT-Austin campus; yesterday was one of those times.

Here's the bad news: We saw the flyer pictured above posted way too many times for comfort, especially around West Mall and Gregory Gym.  So, apparently, violent communist revolutionaries are now recruiting at our state's flagship public university and are planning to have a very active presence in the Fall 2017 semester.  That's every bit as awful and dangerous as you think.

It gets worse: This development comes on the heels of two on campus murders in 13 months.  Late last semester, we also saw the emergence of politically motivated left wing vandalism against fraternities.  The path of present trends is obvious.

We'll make another morbid prediction: It would not surprise this website to see the body count (currently at two) rise.

But, for as awful as this fall portends to be, it also makes us weirdly optimistic over the longer term.  The reason why is that, as these events unfold, we suspect Fox News will cover them.  And we all understand the degree to which a certain Governor cares what Fox News thinks.

And, as Fox News covers the worsening climate of left wing violence, Greg Abbott's previous wink-and-nod attitude toward the status quo crowd at UT will become no longer politically tenable.  Furthermore, we suspect that if the University publicly embarrasses Greg Abbott, Abbott's will crack down on them with the same focused diligence with which he's pursuing the cities during the special session.  If there's one thing we've learned about this Governor in the last month, it's that he doesn't take kindly to being publicly embarrassed by left wing bureaucrats with a sense of entitlement.

Bottom Line: It's going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better, but we absolutely see light at the end of this tunnel...


  1. I think you are right-on. I'm already starting to feel the warmth coming from the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Just this morning, I was telling my wife that I was feeling a country-wide pivot begin to occur.

  2. Yes, the climate on campus is changing quite perceptibly. It's 1932 Germany all over again.


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