Wednesday, September 6, 2017

#txlege: Cindy Burkett's HILARIOUSLY TERRIBLE Campaign Announcement....

"The lips of the righteous feed many,
But fools die for lack of wisdom."
Proverbs 10:21


  • It sometimes said that "a rich man doesn't have to tell you he's rich"; we mention this because she calls herself 'conservative' 12 times in this video and mentions her 'Christitan values' or faith 4 times.
    • Maybe she's creating a new drinking game?!?
  • It's not a secret that this author a) has long hair and b) has worked in a number of restaurants over the years; we only bring this up because our hair has NEVER stayed perfectly in place while mopping.
  • Tries to claim credit for open carry when, except for voting for it when it came to the floor, she had nothing to do with it.
  • Ditto the border and sanctuary cities stuff.
  • Ditto the tax stuff.
  • Claims her primary opponents the legislature are the Democrats.
    • Note: LOL.
    • Note II: If the Democrats are so terrible, why has she voted for the same leadership they have over the past few sessions.
  • Claims to support property tax relief even though she supports house leadership that killed it in both the regular and special sessions.
  • Takes credit for dismemberment abortion ban.  This is farcical.  While the dismemberment ban was adopted as an amendment on a bill she was carrying, she refused to even accept the amendment as friendly.
  • We're tempted to take a closer look at the bills she's passed over the years.
Bottom Line: It's seriously worth four minutes of your time to watch the whole thing.


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  2. I know nothing about her, but her commercial proves exactly what you say it does: she obviously has to construct this image, rather than rely on her record. (Whoever had the idea of her mopping the floor in designer jeans ought to be fired.)

  3. Who is this Cindy Burkett in the commercial? I will trust Bob Hall's conservative voice over Cindy's any day!


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