Friday, December 1, 2017

Sycophantic Lickspittle pens ABSURD pro-Fenves Propaganda

Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good habits.”
1 Corinthians 15:33

Apparently, some hack named "Del Williams" is the current president of the Texas Exes; you'll never believe what he wrote in the Dallas Morning News yesterday:
UT-Austin President Greg Fenves is my Texan of the Year for his devotion to opportunity for all
Formatting note: We'll address the claims Williams makes in his DMN piece first, then we'll point out other Fenves actions (or lack thereof) from 2017 that Williams neglected to mention.


  • Claim: "He gracefully led the university after a pair of unthinkable murders of students"

    Reality: Fenves hasn't done a damn thing about the two murders.
  • Claim: "fighting sexual assault"

    Reality: By inventing arbitrary standards to please big donors then bribing the student in question to drop the resulting lawsuit.
  • Claim: "removed the statues of Confederate leaders from the Main Mall, which kept that issue from becoming a distracting spectacle"

    Reality: Anyone who claims the statue removal wasn't "a distracting spectacle" clearly wasn't paying attention in August.
  • Claim: "But Fenves' experience has been most directly relevant to promoting student success. He launched his career at UT Austin in the 1980s and returned a decade ago to become dean of engineering, then provost and, in 2015, president. This coincided with UT's commitment to raising its four-year graduation rate from 51 percent — tops in Texas but lower than flagship universities in most other states — to 70 percent."

    Reality: NEWSFLASH -- Colleges and Universities are supposed to graduate their students; you don't get to take a victory lap for doing the bare minimum.

    [Note: It's also worth point out that we've heard over the years that the University is fudging these numbers, but that's not something we can prove.]
  • Claim: "Fenves worked with the university's Board of Regents to secure an additional $24 million from the state's oil and gas royalties for the Austin campus. And he raised $450 million from donors in 2016-17 -- the most ever outside of a capital campaign. He's brought in game-changing gifts for the medical school and petroleum engineering, social work and liberal arts."

    Reality (a): Assuming they're telling the truth about their fundraising numbers which, to put it mildly, they haven't always done in the past.

    Reality (b): If Fenves IS telling the truth, that probably means they don't need a tuition hike.

Now, let's consider several other incidents from 2017 that didn't make Mr. Williams list:
  • Basketball team goes 11-22.
    • Note: Ok, fine, technically part of that happened during 2016.

Bottom Line: George Orwell would be proud.

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