Thursday, March 1, 2018

#TXLEGE: Team Geren attempting to further milk false CPS report

"While they promise them liberty, they themselves are slaves of corruption; for by whom a person is overcome, by him also he is brought into bondage."
2 Peter 2:19

This is absolutely disgraceful; from the Inbox:
Bo French Eviscerates Geren and his Democrat Allies’ Release of False CPS Report
“You know they are desperate when their only hope is to use CPS one more time to allege child abuse”

(Fort Worth, TX) On Wednesday the CPS report on the French family was leaked to the media in an attempt to, yet again, weaponize CPS and allege child abuse. The Quorum Report, an online blog, released the documents and noted that the conclusion was that the French family posed a “moderate risk” for child abuse. Left out, likely due to lack of research, was the fact that all families that don’t cooperate with CPS are noted as “moderate risk”.

French laid out significant details stating, “This is again a new low for Charlie Geren. You know they are desperate when their only hope is to use CPS one more time to allege child abuse.

Let me point out some facts: 

1. CPS will classify ANY parents who refuse to cooperate with a CPS investigation as presenting a “moderate risk” (as distinct from “low risk” or “high risk”) of future child abuse.  The basis for the “moderate risk” classification is the failure to cooperate, but that logic is entirely circular; we declined to cooperate precisely because we don’t abuse or neglect our children, and we therefore don’t want them exposed to an invasive and humiliating CPS interview and exam. The report shows we knew it was a political attack from day one.

2.  CPS did NOT find any actual child abuse or neglect in 2016. Obviously, there was none, as our pediatrician confirmed in his examination of all four of our children the Saturday morning after the Friday night CPS visit.  All CPS “concluded” in 2016 was, based on a default administrative assumption, was that there was a “moderate” risk of child abuse in the FUTURE.  We are now living in the future; it’s 2018 and there have NOT been any additional reports of child abuse or neglect in our home, despite the fact that our four children are around “mandatory reporters” (teachers, doctors, nurses, coaches, etc.) all the time.  Why no more reports or CPS visits since the 2016 election? Because, obviously, we do not abuse or neglect our children, and the one report ever made was politically motivated.  

3. Now let’s go back to the actual deposition; it’s clear to anyone who reviews Mr. Sorensen’s sworn testimony that he filed the false CPS report.  But he did so with NO PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE about the health or welfare of our children.  Sorensen testified that he has never met our children, never seen them in person, never been to our home, never been in the same room as our children, and he admitted under oath that he knows nothing about how we parent our kids. Stated another way, the Geren operative who phoned in the false CPS report admitted under oath that he knew nothing about the health or welfare of our kids.  And, to be clear, this Geren campaign worker was NOT a mandatory reporter to CPS of any sort.  

4. The Geren aid who phoned in the false CPS report had NO REASONABLE BASIS for doing so.  He admitted under oath that his ONLY knowledge of the welfare or health of my children was a snippet of conversation that he eavesdropped on, as he overheard me talking to my 2016 campaign manager about the purported injury to our youngest son’s ribs.  

5. Even as testified to by Sorensen, no child abuse could have occurred here because he acknowledged that we took our youngest son to a chiropractor, who is: (a) perfectly capable of diagnosing a broken bone; and (b) a mandatory reporter of suspected child abuse to CPS.  

6. Sorensen’s motivation was transparently political. He made the call the Friday before the Tuesday election.  He “very badly” wanted to see Mr. Geren win. He had worked 60-70 hours per week, 6 or 7 days per week, for Geren’s campaign from June 2015 to March 1, 2016.  Democrat Sorensen knocked on over 10,000 doors for Geren.  He was heavily invested in Geren winning, and he “went the extra mile” to make that happen by calling CPS.  

8. Bottom line: Geren surrogates’ focus on the “moderate risk” of future abuse classification that CPS assigned to my family because we would not cooperate with the CPS investigation is as cynical as it is desperate.  Geren’s staff created this CPS mess by making a completely false and baseless CPS report for transparently political purposes.  

9. Geren’s staff must be held accountable for weaponizing CPS is the 2016 race.  It defies all decency that they are attempting to weaponized it again in the 2018 campaign.”
Bottom Line: Please Ft. Worth, for the love of all that is righteous, show this false CPS report filing, lobbyist fornicating, sexual predator enabling sociopath the door next Tuesday....

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