Saturday, June 30, 2018

Jefferson's Contract a TEXTBOOK example of why (most) guys should return for Senior Year

"And saw among the simple,
I perceived among the youths,
A young man devoid of understanding,"
Proverbs 7:7

It's official.  Malik Jefferson signed his first NFL contract this week.  Details (from

That's it?!?

That contract is nothing for an athlete with Malik Jefferson's level of skill.  He should make significantly more than that.  He's that talented.

Instead, he's making less than $1 million per year (in a league where your career could end on any given play).  We've heard conflicting reports on how much of it is guaranteed (some say $0, some say only the $700k signing bonus, some say about half)...but the fact remains the contract isn't even fully guaranteed.  Pretty small payday.

Imagine, instead, a world where Malik returns for Senior year.  If he has a monster Senior season (the most likely outcome), he's a first round pick and gets paid accordingly.  Even if he only has a so-so year, he's still a likely second round pick.  Obviously, there's a chance he gets hurt.  But, given the contract he just signed, there wouldn't be a big difference between getting hurt in the NFL and getting hurt playing for the Longhorns.

Bottom Line: It's a damn shame for Malik, but this is a lesson that should be hammered into the head of every draft-eligible student-athlete from now until eternity....

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