Monday, December 17, 2018

Apple "Deal" -- EVERYTHING wrong with Passive, Atrophied, Williamson County GOP

"Dishonest scales are an abomination to the Lord,
But a just weight is His delight."
Proverbs 11:1

As we've considered this Apple "deal" over the weekend, one thought stands out: Where the heck is the Williamson County GOP?!?

We know the answer to that question.  We've discussed that question in the context of the Williamson County GOP losing the U.S. Senate race.  But, in action, it's still a sight.

Allow us to explain.

This Apple "deal" is going to be a tax increase for every Williamson County resident who is not affiliated with Apple.

The foundation of good tax policy is a broad base with low rates.  When you exempt one group from taxation, the way Williamson County intends with Apple, you have to raise tax rates on everybody else.  A narrower tax base means higher tax rates.

Tax "Abatements."  ARE TAX HIKES.  For 99%(+).  Of the community.

But, instead, the Republican majority Williamson County's commissioner's court wants to vote on this "deal" tomorrow.  Also lame-duck county judge's final meeting.  How fitting.

We're probably spitting into the wind; but, if anyone in WillCo wants to show a pulse, here's how we'd fight this Apple "deal":
  1. Flood Tomorrow's Williamson County Commissioner's Court Meeting:

    Given short notice, 7 people attending tomorrow's meeting probably counts as a "flood."  The commissioners need to see community opposition.  Put them on notice.

    NOTE: Even if they can't attend tomorrow's meeting, WillCo residents really SHOULD contact their county elected officials.

    Dan Gattis (Outgoing County Judge): (512) 943-1550
    Twitter: @DanGattis

    Bill Gravell (Incoming County Judge): (512) 943-1501
    Twitter: @BillGravell

    Cynthia Long (WillCo Commissioner, Precinct 2): (512) 260-4280
    Twitter: @CynthiaLongTX
  2. Petition Campaign:

    Any potential tax abatement "deal" with Apple really ought to be subject to voter approval.  Ideally, on the May 2019 ballot.  If May 2019 is too tall of an order, November 2019 is fine.

    Such a petition campaign would be similar to the one currently underway in Austin re: Soccer.
  3. State-Level Pushback:

    Let's not kid ourselves: None of the above is likely to happen.  "Conservative leadership" in Williamson County has been a joke for a long time.  That being said, Williamson County is not the only jurisdiction this "deal" concerns.

    This "deal" remains, primarily, a State of Texas level "deal."

    If taxpayers statewide start raising hell about this act of larceny, any non-passivity that emerges in WillCo will be a bonus.

    Remember: Nobody thought we could beat Warren Buffett a year and a half ago....
Bottom Line: Apple's market cap is comparable to the GDP of the Netherlands.  They can afford to expand their existing facility without public subsidies.  It sure would be nice if an allegedly "conservative" political party would make this argument in its own backyard....

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