Friday, March 15, 2019

Early returns on O'Rourke's Presidential Campaign illustrate Cruz's Cataclysmic FAILURE last year

"[H]e is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways."
James 1:8

Yeah, yeah, yeah, he's running.  Nobody's surprised.  That being said, we have one observation.

Why, pray tell, have we heard more about O'Rourke's Billionaire daddy-in-law during the past day and a half than we did during the year and a half long U.S. Senate campaign?!?

The obvious answer is that the media cares about such things more now than they did at the time.  There's a lot of truth to that.  But, even so, that's not good enough.

The evidence that O'Rourke abused his authority, to steal land from poor people of color, all to benefit his billionaire daddy-in-law, was always hiding in plain sight.

Throughout last year's U.S. Senate race, we made the point that O'Rourke was nothing more than a typical scumbag Texas politician over and over and over again.  Without getting into too much detail, we made similar points privately to the Cruz campaign (using much stronger language).  Unfortunately, this aspect of O'Rourke's record was, at best, underutilized.

Instead, Cruz's team decided to make the election about hair dye (we all know how that turned out).

Bottom Line: Better late than never (perhaps)....

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