Thursday, October 17, 2019

"Innovative Teachers" launch COMPETITOR to incumbent (ie. leftist) Teacher Unions

"Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others."
Phillipians 2:4

Via the Hayride:
Teaching, as anyone knows, can be a taxing job, especially in public school environments. Just this year nationally, the number of teachers leaving the profession after just one year has reached an all-time high.

Even in a conservative state such as Texas, the bureaucratic hurdles, required paperwork, a focus on high-stakes test scores, and disciplinary restrictions make it increasingly difficult. Simply removing a disruptive student is now against the rules in many public school districts — the polar opposite from the days of wooden paddles or sitting in the corner.

Comparatively low salaries for the level of work they do have turned many teachers to the “gig economy” to supplement their pay. Union-led efforts to address this has resulted in higher paychecks for edu-crats and administrators, and an expansion of the public education system infrastructure. And that’s not to mention a combative stance toward school choice. The once-sacrosanct summer vacation becomes shorter and the work days become longer.


The new organization seeks to provide an alternative to the multiple teachers unions present in Texas. The strategy, while to provide an objective voice for Texas teachers, would naturally stand by conservatives and Christians who often feel that they are being suppressed by the public ed system.


[T]hey will need 5,000 members to begin an adequate insurance pool. The existing teachers unions in Texas provide insurance for teachers who find themselves on the wrong end of the administration and lose their jobs — the insurance will keep them afloat while they pursue various appeals.
This is fantastic.

The cynical among us, led by this author, often look at so-called 'professional organizations' with a jaundiced eye.  They frequently become pro-status quo political actors.  In practice, this often translates into leftism.

But that's not to say professional organizations have no place.  As this example illustrates, teachers still need to buy insurance.  If someone new can provide better value, minus the wretched politics, so much the better.

Bottom Line:  Someone should have done this decades ago.  Unfortunately, they didn't.  You've gotta start somewhere.

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